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Lung Function

John L Hankinson #1
John L Hankinson
Hankinson Consulting, Athens, Georgia, USA | Hankinson Consu
Known for Coal Miners | Airway Obstruction | Fev1 Fvc | Forced Expiratory Volume
Paul L Enright #2
Paul L Enright
Pulmonary Function Test Laboratory, Institute for Developmen
Known for Lung Function | Airway Obstruction | Daytime Sleepiness | Fev1 Fvc

Ole Find Pedersen #3
Ole Find Pedersen
Freshwater Biological Laboratory, Department of Biology, Uni
Known for Nasal Cavity | Underwater Photosynthesis | Bandon Bay | Gas Films
Robert O Crapo #4
Robert O Crapo
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University
Known for Diffusing Capacity | Airflow Limitation | Arm Span | Pulmonary Function
Allan L Coates #5
Allan L Coates
Division of Respiratory medicine, Dept of Pediatrics, Physio
Known for Lung Function | Cardiac Output | Emergency Department | Pulse Oximetry
Per Magnus Gustafsson #6
Per Magnus Gustafsson
Department of Paediatrics, Central Hospital, Skövde, Sweden
Known for Lung Clearance | Ventilation Inhomogeneity | Asthma Severity | Preschool Children
Richard H Casaburi #7
Richard H Casaburi
Rehabilitation Clinical Trials Center, Lundquist Institute f
Known for Copd Patients | Work Rate | Exercise Training | Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Giovanni Viegi #8
Giovanni Viegi
National Research Council of Italy, Institute for Biomedical
Known for Air Pollution | Lung Function | North Italy | Allergic Rhinitis
Robert Leroy Jensen #9
Robert Leroy Jensen
Pulmonary Disease, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah,
Known for Airway Obstruction | Carbon Monoxide | Diffusing Capacity | Fev1 Fvc
Vito Brusasco #10
Vito Brusasco
Centro Polifunzionale di Scienze Motorie, Dipartimento di Me
Known for Airway Responsiveness | Nedocromil Sodium | Lung Volume | Deep Inhalation

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