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allergic rhinitis
occupational asthma
hidden allergens
hen egg proteins
anisakis simplex
garlic dust
nonspecific bronchial hyperresponsiveness

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allergic rhinitis
severity items
lung function
moderate severe
short form
oral desensitization
troublesome symptoms

Prominent publications by Belén Añibarro

KOL-Index: 18 BACKGROUND: Sleep is impaired in allergic rhinitis (AR) patients, with subsequent effects on daytime performance and health-related quality of life (QOL). Sleep quality in AR has rarely been considered through validated tools and consensus classifications. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate sleep quality and daytime somnolence in AR patients, and to estimate its relationship to disease severity ...
Known for
Rqlq Sleep | Qol Rhinitis | Moderate Symptoms | Strong Relationship
KOL-Index: 14 It has been suggested that patients with allergic rhinitis who present nonspecific bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR) are those most likely to develop asthma. Therefore, a study was conducted in children with rhinoconjunctivitis to ascertain whether BHR to methacholine might predict the development of asthma in these patients. Fifteen patients with hay fever and no previous symptoms of ...
Known for
4 Consecutive | Hyperresponsiveness Bhr | Asthma Fever | Tests Methacholine
KOL-Index: 11
Known for
Meperidine Allergy
KOL-Index: 10 OBJECTIVE: To report a case of immediate rhinoconjunctivitis induced by both metamizole and metronidazole. METHODS: Skin-tests (prick and intradermal) were performed with metamizole, metronidazole, and espyramicine. Standard RAST was carried out with metamizole and metronidazole. Oral challenge tests were performed single blind with Rhodogil, metronidazole, espyramicine, metamizole, aspirin, ...
Known for
Cyclooxygenase Pathway | Unrelated Drugs | Metronidazole Espyramicine | Skin-Tests
KOL-Index: 9 BACKGROUND: Eggs are among the foods most frequently causing allergy. Hen eggs are the most important. Those of other birds are of lesser significance. OBJECTIVE: We report an unusual case of food allergy after consumption of eggs from duck and goose in an adult patient without hen egg allergy. METHODS: Skin prick tests were performed with fresh white and yolk from eggs of duck and goose and ...
Known for
Ige Immunoblotting | Allergy Eggs | Proteic Band | White Egg
KOL-Index: 8 BACKGROUND: Garlic dust has not been a frequently encountered cause of IgE-mediated disease. OBJECTIVE: We report on 12 patients (all of them garlic workers) with the clinical criteria for occupational asthma. METHODS: Skin prick tests and serum-specific IgE determinations were performed with common inhalants, garlic, and other members of the Liliaceae family (onion, leek, and asparagus). ...
Known for
Leek | Garlic Workers | Asthma Induced | Inhalants
KOL-Index: 7
Known for
Allergic Contact Blepharoconjunctivitis
KOL-Index: 7 OBJECTIVE: To present a case of sialadenitis induced by sulfadiazine. CASE SUMMARY: A 50-year-old man with bronchitis developed swelling of the parotid glands and floor of the mouth as well as plugging in his ears 2 hours after ingestion of Bronco-aseptilex (sulfadiazine, cyclamate, and guaiacol). Skin-prick tests performed with serial dilutions of sulfadiazine and Bronco-aseptilex were all ...
Known for
Sialadenitis Induced | 50-Year-Old | Serial Dilutions | Oral Challenge Test
KOL-Index: 6 We report three new cases of allergy to Gammarus, two of them involving cutaneous symptoms, and the third one with occupational asthma. The results showed exposure to feed containing Gammarus shrimp to be the main cause of the allergic symptoms in the three patients. In all cases the intervention of IgE was demonstrated, with the absence of cross-reactions with other common allergenic arthropods.
Known for
Allergic Symptoms | Occupational Asthma | Gammarus Allergy

From the Allergology Service, La Paz Hospital, Madrid, Spain

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