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KOL Index score: 5290

PURPOSE: To compare the outcomes of torsional phacoemulsification with a new balanced tip (Intrepid) and a conventional tip (Kelman) using a single active-fluidics torsional phacoemulsification machine (Centurion).

SETTING: Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.

DESIGN: Prospective comparative case-control study.

METHODS: Patients with senile cataract had torsional phacoemulsification with the Kelman conventional tip ...

Known for Torsional Phacoemulsification |  Aspiration Time |  Torsion Amplitude |  Endothelial Cell Loss |  Senile Cataract
KOL Index score: 4885

PurposeTo study the varied clinical presentations of patients with spherophakia, their management using surgical methods, and the clinical outcomes.Patients and methodsA prospective interventional study of 13 patients of spherophakia who presented to us from January 2014 and were followed up over the course of their treatment, and the data were documented for analysis.ResultsIn all, 26 eyes of 13 patients were reviewed and the median age of presentation was 12±12.05 years. All patients ...

Known for Lens Extraction |  Interventional Study |  Lenticular Myopia |  Patients Spherophakia |  Intraocular Pressure
KOL Index score: 3964

Purpose: To evaluate the effect of COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown on patient care at a tertiary-care ophthalmology institute.

Methods: Records of all the patients who presented from March 25th to May 3rd, 2020 were scanned to evaluate the details regarding the presenting complaints, diagnosis, advised treatment and surgical interventions.

Results: The number of outpatient department visits, retinal laser procedures, intravitreal injections and cataract surgeries during this ...

Known for National Lockdown |  Intravitreal Injections |  Covid19 Child |  Presenting Complaints |  Cataract Surgeries
KOL Index score: 3374

PURPOSE: To describe corneal ectasia in cases of chronic Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS).

DESIGN: Prospective observational study.

METHODS: Setting: Institutional.

PATIENTS: Fifteen consecutive cases of chronic SJS.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Best-corrected distance visual acuity (BCDVA), maximum corneal curvature (Kmax), anterior elevation, posterior elevation, thinnest pachymetry, and Sotozono severity score.

RESULTS: Thirty eyes of 15 patients were included. Corneal tomography using ...

Known for Corneal Ectasia |  Johnson Syndrome |  Visual Acuity |  Dilatation Pathologic
KOL Index score: 3292

Objectives: This analytic retrospective case-control study was designed to analyze risk factors and the epidemiological profile of hip fractures among the Indian population with special importance to the mechanism of injuries.

Methods: Patients of hip fractures (n = 41) and age- and sex-matched healthy volunteers (n = 41) were interviewed by a questionnaire regarding the occurrence of the fracture, past history of diseases and long-term medication usage, past and physical activity, ...

Known for Hip Fractures |  Casecontrol Study |  Alcohol Consumption |  Elderly Population |  1 Year
KOL Index score: 2755

Aim: To evaluate and compare structural and functional changes in macula and optic nerve in Alzheimer disease (AD) patients and healthy subjects.Methods: Both eyes of 20 AD patients and 40 age-matched healthy controls were evaluated. All subjects were evaluated by cognitive testing and comprehensive ophthalmological examination, including visual acuity, visual fields, color vision, contrast sensitivity, anterior, and posterior segment examination, optical coherence tomography, multifocal ...

Known for Optic Nerve |  Alzheimer Disease |  Visual Fields |  Coherence Tomography |  Retina Retinal
KOL Index score: 2715

Purpose: To study the prevalence of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 virus infection (COVID-19) among patients undergoing elective vitreoretinal surgeries at a tertiary care eye hospital.

Methods: This cross-sectional, observational study was performed between July 16, 2020 and August 31, 2020, in the retina clinic of a tertiary care eye hospital in south India. All patients undergoing elective retinal surgical procedures underwent RT-PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 before being posted for surgery and ...

Known for Asymptomatic Sars |  Preoperative Covid19 Testing |  Patients Hospital |  Positive Pcr |  Study Prevalence
KOL Index score: 2671

Ophthalmic genetics is a much needed and growing area in India. Ethnic diversity, with a high degree of consanguinity, has led to a high prevalence of genetic disorders in the country. As the second most populous country in the world, this naturally results in a significant number of affected people overall. Practice involves coherent association between ophthalmologists, genetic counselor and pediatricians. Eye genetics in India in recent times has witnessed advanced research using ...

Known for Ophthalmic Genetics |  Genetic Disorders |  Humans India |  Eye Diseases |  Gene Therapy
KOL Index score: 2365

The eye is said to be the window into the brain. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and glaucoma both being diseases of the elderly, have several epidemiological and histological overlaps in pathogenesis. Both these diseases are neurodegenerative conditions. Over the years, a consensus has developed that both may be two ends of a singular spectrum of diseases. Epidemiological studies have shown that more Alzheimer’s patients may be suffering from glaucoma than general healthy population. Retinal ...

Known for Alzheimer Disease |  Glaucoma Humans |  Amyloid Beta |  Intraocular Pressure |  Tau Protein
KOL Index score: 2240

Purpose: There is an exponential rise in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in India. Ideally all people with DM should be periodically screening for diabetic retinopathy (DR) but is not practical with current infrastructure. An alternate strategy is to identify high-risk individuals with vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy (VTDR) for priority screening and treatment.

Methods: We reanalyzed four population-based studies, conducted in South India between 2001 and 2010, and ...

Known for Diabetic Retinopathy |  Diabetes Mellitus |  Targeted Screening |  Humans India |  Vision Threatening
KOL Index score: 2138

With ever-growing prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its most common microvascular complication diabetic retinopathy (DR) in Indian population, screening for DR early for prevention of development of vision-threatening stages of the disease is becoming increasingly important. Most of the programs in India for DR screening are opportunistic and a universal screening program does not exist. Globally, telemedicine programs have demonstrated accuracy in classification of DR into referable ...

Known for Diabetic Retinopathy
KOL Index score: 2064

Diabetic macular ischaemia (DMI) is traditionally defined and graded based on the angiographic evidence of an enlarged and irregular foveal avascular zone. However, these anatomical changes are not surrogate markers for visual impairment. We postulate that there are vascular phenotypes of DMI based on the relative perfusion deficits of various retinal capillary plexuses and choriocapillaris. This review highlights several mechanistic pathways, including the role of hypoxia and the ...

Known for Diabetic Macular Ischaemia |  Visual Acuity |  Retinopathy Dmi |  Perfusion Deficits |  Angiography Octa
KOL Index score: 2006

AimTo evaluate the outcome and safety profile of short-term perfluorocarbon liquids (PFCL) tamponade in comparison with buckle–vitrectomy in case of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD) associated with choroidal detachment (CD).MethodsRecords of patients who underwent surgery for RRD/CD from January 2016 to July 2019 were reviewed retrospectively. The patients were allocated into two groups—group 1 patients underwent buckle–vitrectomy, while those in group 2 underwent a two-staged ...

Known for Retinal Detachment |  Visual Acuity |  Intraocular Pressure
KOL Index score: 1876

INTRODUCTION: The pandemic of COVID-19 has been caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus. Apart from respiratory malfunction, COVID-19 causes a system-wide thromboembolic state, leading to serious cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular manifestations. However, our knowledge regarding retinal manifestations due to systemic COVID-19 is minimal. This systematic review has comprehensively summarized all retinal manifestations secondary ...

Known for Covid19 Disease |  Visual Acuity |  Retinal Vein Occlusion |  Cotton Wool Spots |  Macular Edema
KOL Index score: 1581
Known for Clinical Presentations |  Comparative Outcomes |  Primary Versus |  Deferred Intraocular |  Lens Explantation


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Concept World rank
iop lensectomy #1
haptics 2 #1
769 operated #1
refractive rehabilitation eyes #1
microincision vitrectomy blade #1
spherophakia iop #1
spherophakia eyes #1
hg lensectomy #1
diopters – #1
bcva 26 #1
eyes spherophakia #1
torsion usage #3
nondiabetics cde #3
patients spherophakia #3
elective vitreoretinal #3
volume ophthalmic centers #3
torsion usage time #3
cde grade 4 #3
cct ecl #3
healthcare vitreoretinal #3
phacoemulsification active #3
major tertiary institute #3
nondiabetics intraoperative #3
nondiabetics endothelial #3
haptics tunnels #3
activefluidicsbased platform #3
cct diabetics #3
grade 4 cataracts #3
nondiabetics intraoperative parameters #3
torsional phacoemulsification diabetics #3
elective vitreoretinal surgeries #3
cov2 surgeries #3
lens original location #4
fig marfan #4
ectopia lentis shift #4
refractive rehabilitation #4
769 eyes #4
ethambutolinduced optic nerve #4
subclinical eon #4
zonular injury spherophakia #4
spontaneous dislocation common #4
common lens dislocation #4
vitreous cavity fig #4
fig subluxation #4
patellar anterior chamber #4
eyes eon #4
established eon #4
homocystinuria spontaneous dislocation #4
spherophakia fig #4
spherophakia subluxation #4

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Top KOLs in the world
Lee Joseph Melton,
olmsted county fracture risk irritable bowel syndrome
Steven Ron Cummings
hip fracture breast cancer older women
Cyrus C Cooper
hip fracture grip strength hertfordshire cohort study
John A Kanis
hip fracture postmenopausal women intervention thresholds
Olof Johnell
hip fracture bone mineral density internal fixation
Jane A Cauley
hip fracture older women breast cancer

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Concepts for whichSagnik Senhas direct influence:Hip fractures,  Corneal ectasia,  Orbital cellulitis,  Torsional phacoemulsification,  South india,  Intraocular lenses,  Scleral fixation,  Intraocular lens.

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Sagnik Sen has influence:Glaucoma surgery,  Hip fracture,  Ocular trauma,  Emergency consultations,  Contact lenses,  Torsional phacoemulsification,  Retinal imaging.



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