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    One of the most striking properties of perfluorocarbons is their chemical inertness. Due to this, these compounds are said to be physiobiologically compatible. Therefore, they are suggested for a variety of medical uses including the one as component of blood substitutes. However, it was the blood substitute research, which revealed biological activities of perfluorocarbons. Some of these biological effects are described shortly.

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    Dispersions of fluorocarbons (PFC's) made with phospholipids have unusual properties, e.g. very high stability, due to the formation of thermodynamically stable vesicles. They can be used for high PFC concentrations as well as e.g. for ESR imaging.

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    Although perfluorocarbons (PFC) are chemically inert, toxic reactions are observed on using them as fluorocarbon emulsions in blood substitutes. Six to twelve hours after exchanging about half of the circulating blood of conscious rats pathobiochemical reactions occur despite a high interarterial oxygen pressure. They indicate the disturbance of intracellular energy generation, which is characterized by a decrease in ATP, increase in ADP, inorganic phosphate and potassium, increase in ...


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    wissenschaftliche aufgabe #3
    anforderungen blutersatzmittel #3
    viele anforderungen #3
    fluorocarbons pfc #3
    weiterentwicklung wissenschaftliche aufgabe #3
    blutersatzmittel #8
    fluorocarbons hemolysis #83

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    human hemoglobin oxygen affinity polyethylene glycol

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