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Hand Surgery Clinic, Mølholm Private Hospital, Vejle, Denmark. | Mølholm Private Hospital, Vejle, Denmark | Department of Translational Medicine—Hand Surgery, Lund University, ...

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Concepts for which Peter Jörgsholm has direct influence: Scaphoid fractures , Scaphoid fracture , Scaphoid waist fractures , Mallet fractures , Distal scaphoid fractures , Metacarpal head , Ligament injuries .

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which for which Peter Jörgsholm has influence: Scaphoid fractures , Distal radius , Wrist arthroscopy , Nail psoriasis , Spontaneous rupture , Cast immobilisation , Pollicis longus .

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Hand Surgery Clinic, Mølholm Private Hospital, Vejle, Denmark.


Department of Translational Medicine—Hand Surgery, Lund University, Malmo, Sweden


Department of Hand Surgery;


Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö - Hand Surgery, Lund University, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö, Sweden.


Departments of Hand Surgery (P.J., N.O.B.T., and A.B.) and Radiology (J.B.), Skåne University Hospital, University of Lund, SE-205 02 Malmö, Sweden


Department of Hand Surgery, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden.


Department of Radiology, Department of Hand Surgery, and Department of Radiation Physics, Malmö University Hospital, University of Lund, Malmö, Sweden


From the Department of Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Burns, University Hospital, Linköping, Sweden and the Hand Surgery Unit, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Hospital, Odense, Denmark


Ortopediska sektionen, kirurgiska kliniken, Länslasarettet Karlshamn.

Prominent publications by Peter Jörgsholm

KOL-Index: 13388 . PURPOSE: To describe fractures revealed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a series of skeletally mature patients with radial wrist pain after an acute injury and clinically suspected to have a scaphoid fracture. Additionally, we attempted to assess the diagnostic value of radiographs and computed tomography (CT) in patients with scaphoid and other carpal fractures verified by ...
Known for Scaphoid Fractures | Radial Wrist | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Sensitivity Radiographs
KOL-Index: 9242 . BACKGROUND: Fracture displacement is the most important factor associated with nonunion of a scaphoid waist fracture.We evaluated the performance characteristics of radiographs and computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of intraoperative displacement and instability of scaphoid waist fractures using wrist arthroscopy as the reference standard. METHODS: During a six-year period (2004 to ...
Known for Computed Tomography | Scaphoid Waist Fractures | Fracture Displacement | Diagnostic Performance
KOL-Index: 7206 . PURPOSE: To determine the incidence of associated intrinsic and extrinsic ligament injuries in patients with a nondisplaced or displaced scaphoid waist fracture. METHODS: During a 3-year period, a study of all scaphoid fractures was performed at our institution. Diagnosis was confirmed by plain radiographs, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. A 3-part anatomic ...
Known for Ligament Injuries | Scaphoid Waist | Computed Tomography | Fractures Bone
KOL-Index: 6565 . Background Union of a scaphoid fracture is difficult to assess on a standard series of radiographs. An unnecessary and prolonged immobilization is inconvenient and may impair functional outcome. Although operative treatment permits early mobilization, its influence on time to union is still uncertain. Purpose To assess union of scaphoid waist fractures based on computed tomography (CT) ...
Known for Scaphoid Waist Fractures | Time Union | Screw Fixation | Functional Outcome
KOL-Index: 6339 . Although rupture of the extensor pollicis longus (EPL) tendon is a well-known complication of distal radial fractures, a number of patients rupture the EPL because of other conditions. We have retrospectively studied the aetiology of 27 ruptures of the EPL in 26 consecutive patients. Of 19 patients with injured wrists 12 had distal radial fractures, five had blunt trauma, and two had stab ...
Known for Rupture Epl | Pollicis Longus | Aetiological Factors | Distal Radial Fractures
KOL-Index: 5776 . PURPOSE: To evaluate clinical and radiological outcomes after conservative treatment and arthroscopic-assisted screw fixation of acute non- or minimally displaced scaphoid waist fractures in a randomized controlled trial. METHODS: Consecutive patients with acute non- or minimally displaced scaphoid waist fractures were prospectively randomized to conservative or surgical treatment. All ...
Known for Conservative Treatment | Waist Fractures | Computed Tomography | Scaphoid Bone
KOL-Index: 5398 . The operative treatment of mallet fractures of more than one third of the articular surface is controversial. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the complications and functional outcome of extension block pinning technique. Thirty-six consecutive patients with mallet fractures that involved more than one third of the joint surface were treated by extension block pinning a median of ...
Known for Mallet Fractures | Extension Block | Crawfords Criteria | Articular Surface
KOL-Index: 4667 . Background and purpose - The epidemiology and optimal diagnostics of wrist injuries in children are not knotwn. We describe fractures revealed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a prospective population of children and adolescents with posttraumatic radial-sided wrist tenderness, and compare the diagnostic value of radiographs and computed tomography (CT) with that of MRI. Patients and ...
Known for Scaphoid Fractures | Wrist Injuries | Computed Tomography | Imaging Mri
KOL-Index: 3900 . PURPOSE: To identify factors associated with arthroscopically diagnosed scaphoid fracture displacement and instability. METHODS: This was a secondary use of data from 2 prospective cohort studies. The studies included 58 consecutive adult patients with a scaphoid fracture who elected arthroscopy-assisted operative fracture treatment: some for displacement, some as part of a prospective ...
Known for Scaphoid Fracture | Comminution Displacement | Fixation Internal | Prospective Cohort
KOL-Index: 2998 . Osteonecrosis of the metacarpal head is rare and of unknown cause. We describe a 17-year-old girl with osteonecrosis of the fourth metacarpal head and a mutated prothrombin 20210A gene, which suggests a possible relation between a hypercoagulable state and osteonecrosis of the metacarpal head.
Known for Metacarpal Head | Motion Articular | Metacarpophalangeal Joint
KOL-Index: 2576 . Twenty-seven patients with intraarticular fractures of the distal radius with a step of more than 1 mm in the joint surface after attempted closed reduction, were treated by reduction under arthroscopic control and percutaneous fixation. All fractures healed without measurable incongruity of the joint surface and at follow-up 3 to 38 months after surgery 19 patients had excellent and eight ...
Known for Distal Radius | Intraarticular Fractures | Assisted Reduction | 1 Mm
KOL-Index: 2008 . PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the functional, clinical, and radiological outcome 10 years after distal scaphoid fractures. METHODS: From a prospective epidemiological study on posttraumatic radial-sided wrist pain, we evaluated 41 cases of distal scaphoid fractures. All cases had been treated nonsurgically in a thumb spica cast. Patients were examined using radiographs, ...
Known for Scaphoid Fractures | Fracture Healing | Bone Humans | Fixation Internal
KOL-Index: 1970 . BACKGROUND: The scaphoid is the most commonly fractured carpal bone in adults as well as in children. Previous studies have reported a wide range of fracture incidences. Scaphoid fractures and non-unions in children have been sparsely investigated. AIM: To perform a systematic review of the current literature on epidemiology of scaphoid fractures and non-unions in adults and ...
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Hand Surgery Clinic, Mølholm Private Hospital, Vejle, Denmark. | Mølholm Private Hospital, Vejle, Denmark | Department of Translational Medicine—Hand Surgery, Lund University, Malmo, Sweden | Department of Hand Surgery; | a Department of Hand Surgery