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Maloclusión: Top KOLs in the world

Ceib L Phillips #1
Ceib L Phillips
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA | UNC Adams S
Known for North Carolina |  Periodontal Pathology |  Molar Region |  Caries Experience |  Orthognathic Surgery
William R Proffit #2
William R Proffit
Department of Orthodontics, University of North Carolina Sch
Known for Mandibular Advancement |  Class Iii |  Distance Learning |  Orthognathic Surgery |  Orthodontic Treatment

Joan Frances Camilla Tulloch #3
Joan Frances Camilla Tulloch
Adjunct professor, Department of Orthodontics, University of
Known for Implantable Devices |  Class Malocclusion |  Growth Modification |  Incisor Trauma |  Early Treatment
Andrew L Sonis #4
Andrew L Sonis
Dr. Sonis is a senior clinical associate, Department of Dent
Known for Ulcerative Mucositis |  Gastrointestinal Function |  Energy Expenditure |  Parenteral Nutrition |  Oral Health
Tetsuya KAMEGAI #5
Retired Orthodontist, Morioka, Iwate, Japan. | Department of
Known for West Japan |  Bite Force |  Dentofacial Morphology |  Dental Caries |  Masseter Muscle
Brent E Larson #6
Brent E Larson
Division of Orthodontics, Department of Developmental and Su
Known for Orthodontic Tooth Movement |  Applied Moment |  Conventional Adhesive |  Herbst Appliance |  Digital Models
Michael G Arvystas #7
Michael G Arvystas
Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medici
Known for Water Immersion |  Short Stature |  Craniofacial Morphology |  Nonextraction Treatment |  Treacher Collins Syndrome
MI Pavlov #8
MI Pavlov
Laboratoire biologie orofaciale et pathologie, Inserm E110,
Known for Mouse Purpose |  Type Collagen |  Midfacial Development |  Chondrogenic Differentiation |  Charge Précoce
A D Viazis #9
A D Viazis
Department of Orthodontics, U.S.C. School of Dentistry, Los
Known for Acid Demineralization |  Bioefficient Therapy |  Orthodontic Brackets |  Enamel Wear |  Bond Strengths
C NaulinIfi #10
C NaulinIfi
Service d'odontologie pédiatrique, faculté de chirurgie dent
Known for Lesions Risk |  Spectacular Drop |  Charge Précoce |  Dental Caries |  Temporary Teeth