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    Maximum Output: Top KOLs in the world

    HuaiJin Zhang #1
    HuaiJin Zhang
    State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials and Institute of C
    Known for Thermal Properties | Laser Performance | Czochralski Method | Slope Efficiency | Saturable Absorber
    Ji Yang Jiyang #2
    Ji Yang Jiyang
    TXC-NBU Joint Center of Research, School of Mechanical Engin
    Known for Thermal Properties | Single Crystal | Finite Element Analysis | Room Temperature | Surface Acoustic Waves

    Ding Yuan Tang #3
    Ding Yuan Tang
    School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Tec
    Known for Saturable Absorber | Vector Solitons | Slope Efficiency | Fiber Laser | Transparent Ceramics
    Lin’gen Chen #4
    Lin’gen Chen
    Institute of Thermal Science and Power Engineering, Wuhan In
    Known for Entransy Dissipation | Optimal Performance | Constructal Optimization | Thermal Efficiency | Heat Transfer
    Günter Huber #5
    Günter Huber
    Universität Hamburg Institut für Laser‐Physik Hamburg German
    Known for Continuous Wave | Room Temperature | Crystal Growth | Spectroscopic Properties | Laser Operation
    Chih Wu #6
    Chih Wu
    Mechanical Engineering Department , U.S. Naval Academy , Ann
    Known for Optimal Performance | Cooling Load | Brayton Cycle | Pressure Ratio | Heat Transfer
    Zhong Lin Zhonglin #7
    Zhong Lin Zhonglin
    Department of Natural Sciences, Mid Sweden University, Holmg
    Known for Energy Harvesting | Contact Electrification | Output Performance | Zno Nanowires | Triboelectric Nanogenerator
    Feng Rui Sun #8
    Feng Rui Sun
    College of Power Engineering, Naval University of Engineerin
    Known for Entransy Dissipation | Optimal Performance | Constructal Optimization | Numerical Examples | Heat Transfer
    Haohai Haohai #9
    Haohai Haohai
    State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials and School of Crys
    Known for Repetition Rate | Thermal Properties | Laser Performance | Room Temperature | Saturable Absorber
    Valentin P Petrov #10
    Valentin P Petrov
    Max-Born-Institut für Nichtlineare Optik und Kurzzeitspektro
    Known for Saturable Absorber | Optical Parametric | Crystal Growth | Laser Operation | Slope Efficiency