• Meningitis Criptocócica
  • Meningitis Criptocócica

    Meningitis Criptocócica: Top KOLs in the world

    William G Powderly††† #1
    William G Powderly†††
    Department of Medicine, Washington University School of Medi
    Known for Hiv Infection | Antiretroviral Therapy | Cryptococcal Meningitis | Insulin Resistance | Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    Robert Simon Heyderman #2
    Robert Simon Heyderman
    NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Mucosal Pathogens, Resea
    Known for Bacterial Meningitis | Antiretroviral Therapy | Cerebral Malaria | Streptococcus Pneumoniae | Typhoid Fever

    David Griffiths Lalloo #3
    David Griffiths Lalloo
    Department of Tropical Disease Biology, Liverpool School of
    Known for Sri Lanka | Papua New Guinea | Antiretroviral Therapy | Severe Malaria | Cryptococcal Meningitis
    R Alan Wood #4
    R Alan Wood
    Desmond Tutu HIV Centre. | Institute of Infectious Diseases
    Known for Hiv Infection | Cd4 Count | South Africa | Antiretroviral Therapy | Cape Town
    Wafaa M El Sadr #5
    Wafaa M El Sadr
    ICAP at Columbia University, Columbia University Mailman Sch
    Known for Myocardial Infarction | United States | Hiv Infection | Cardiovascular Disease | Antiretroviral Therapy
    Peter G Pappas #6
    Peter G Pappas
    Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Uni
    Known for Cryptococcal Meningitis | Fungal Infections | Transplant Recipients | Liposomal Amphotericin | Invasive Candidiasis
    Robert John Wilkinson #7
    Robert John Wilkinson
    Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom | Institute
    Known for Tuberculous Meningitis | Antiretroviral Therapy | Cape Town | Mycobacterium Tuberculosis | South Africa
    Tom M Chiller #8
    Tom M Chiller
    Mycotic Diseases Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Pre
    Known for Candida Auris | Fungal Diseases | South Africa | United States | Cryptococcal Meningitis
    Jonathan E Kaplan #9
    Jonathan E Kaplan
    Division of Global Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Tubercul
    Known for Opportunistic Infections | Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Guaymi Indians | Antiretroviral Therapy | United States
    Graeme Ayton Meintjes #10
    Graeme Ayton Meintjes
    Wellcome Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Africa, I
    Known for Antiretroviral Therapy | Immune Reconstitution | Inflammatory Syndrome | South Africa | Cryptococcal Meningitis

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    Recently Asked Questions

    Fungal Meningitis Fungal meningitis is a serious infection of the brain and spinal cord. It is caused by a fungus, usually of the genus Cryptococcus.