• Mental Exhaustion
  • Mental Exhaustion

    Mental Exhaustion: Top KOLs in the world

    Theo F Meijman #1
    Theo F Meijman
    Department of Experimental and Work Psychology, University o
    Known for Lorry Drivers | Neuroendocrine Reactivity | Vocational Rehabilitation | Subjective Health Complaints | Mental Fatigue
    Maarten A S Boksem #2
    Maarten A S Boksem
    Erasmus University | Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus
    Known for Neural Similarity | Cognitive Control | Mental Fatigue | Individual Differences | Infant Laughter

    Michael H Frese #3
    Michael H Frese
    Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany | Asia School of Bu
    Known for Entrepreneurship Training | Human Capital | Business Owners | Error Management | Personal Initiative
    Monicque M Lorist #4
    Monicque M Lorist
    University of Groningen | Department of Biomedical Sciences
    Known for Functional Connectivity | Cognitive Performance | Preparatory Attention | Individual Differences | Mental Fatigue
    Dimitri van der Linden #5
    Dimitri van der Linden
    Department of Psychology, Education, and Child Studies, Eras
    Known for Personality Gfp | Emotional Intelligence | Overtime Work | General Factor | Mental Fatigue
    Rex E Jung #6
    Rex E Jung
    University of New Mexico, Department of Neurosurgery | Depar
    Known for Magnetic Resonance | Cortical Thickness | Gray Matter | Creative Cognition | General Intelligence
    Gustav Tinghög #7
    Gustav Tinghög
    Department of Medical and Health Sciences, The National Cent
    Known for Financial Behavior | National Identity | Individual Responsibility | Skin Cancer | Private Financing
    Keith Andrew Wesnes #8
    Keith Andrew Wesnes
    Medical School, Exeter University Medical School, Exeter EX1
    Known for Lewy Bodies | Episodic Memory | Ginkgo Biloba | Anorexia Nervosa | Cognitive Function
    Elmar Brähler #9
    Elmar Brähler
    Integrated Research and Treatment Center for Adiposity Disea
    Known for Mental Health | Suicidal Ideation | Representative Sample | Psychometric Properties | German Population
    Christopher P Landrigan #10
    Christopher P Landrigan
    Division of General Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Bo
    Known for Patient Safety | United States | Pediatric Hospitalists | Medical Errors | Work Hours

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    Recently Asked Questions

    Mental Exhaustion Mental exhaustion is a state of fatigue that can be caused by prolonged or intense mental activity. It is characterized by feelings of weariness,...