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Meralgia Paraesthetica: Top KOLs in the world

John Simpson #1
John Simpson
Calvary Mater Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia | Director of
Known for United States |  South Africa |  Diverticular Disease |  Convalescent Plasma |  New Zealand
Department of Neurology, University of Michigan Medical Scho
Known for Trauma Etiological Role |  Normal Pathological Anatomy |  Meralgia Paresthetiga |  67 Patients |  Disease Mp

A Gupta #3
A Gupta
Optum Global Solutions, UHG, New Delhi, India | Regional Hep
Known for Advanced Ligo |  Gravitational Waves |  Pulmonary Complications |  Salivary Glands |  General Relativity
P S Ramani #4
P S Ramani
Ex Head of Department, Department of Neuro and Spinal Surger
Known for Ligamentum Flavum |  Meralgia Paraesthetica |  Cerebral Nocardiosis |  Implant Industry |  Spinal Surgeon
Alain Lagueny #5
Alain Lagueny
Department of Neurology, Clinique Bordeaux Tondu, Bordeaux,
Known for Multifocal Motor |  Sensory Loss |  Botulinum Toxin |  Peripheral Neuropathy |  Chronic Inflammatory
Alain Durandeau #6
Alain Durandeau
Service de chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologie, hôpital
Known for Long Head |  Triceps Brachii |  Surgical Treatment |  Motor Branch |  Axillary Nerve
Philippe Deliac #7
Philippe Deliac
Service de Neurologie, Hôpital du Haut‐Lévêque, CHU de Borde
Known for Electrophysiologic Tests |  Single Fibre Electromyography |  22 Patients |  Multifocal Motor |  Definite Multiple Sclerosis
Marie M Deliac #8
Marie M Deliac
The Department de Neurologie, Centre Hospitalier Universitai
Known for Focal Dystonia |  Premature Infants |  Etude Electrophysiologique |  Preventive Treatment
J Jay Keegan #9
J Jay Keegan
University of Nebraska
Known for Membranous Bones |  Automobile Seats |  Diabetes Insipidus |  Epidemic Pneumonia |  Cerebral Aneurysm
Paul H Williams #10
Paul H Williams
Natural History Museum, London, UK | Wisconsin Fast Plants,
Known for Hydrogen Peroxide |  Optimal Solutions |  Vegetative Compatibility |  Xanthomonas Campestris |  Bumble Bees


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Meralgia Paraesthetica Meralgia paresthetica is a condition that causes numbness, tingling, and burning pain in the outer thigh. The pain is caused by compression of the lateral...