Tracey Clark

Tracey Clark

Biomedicine Design, Pfizer Worldwide Research And Development, 558 Eastern Point Road, 06340, Groton, Ct, Usa

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metacarpal neck
buddy strap
physical function
hand therapists
orthosis compared
fracture commonly
management method

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increased affinity
vivo clearance
cynomolgus monkey
improved resistance
embryonic kidney
solid tumors
chinese hamster ovary

Prominent publications by Tracey Clark

KOL-Index: 40 Pharmacological administration of FGF21 analogues has shown robust body weight reduction and lipid profile improvement in both dysmetabolic animal models and metabolic disease patients. Here we report the design, optimization, and characterization of a long acting glyco-variant of FGF21. Using a combination of N-glycan engineering for enhanced protease resistance and improved solubility, Fc ...
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Cynomolgus Monkeys | Twice-Monthly | Lipid Profile Improvement | Fgf21 Analogue Pf-05231023
KOL-Index: 32 The approval of ado-trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1) in HER2+ metastatic breast cancer validated HER2 as a target for HER2-specific antibody-drug conjugates (ADC). Despite its demonstrated clinical efficacy, certain inherent properties within T-DM1 hamper this compound from achieving the full potential of targeting HER2-expressing solid tumors with ADCs. Here, we detail the discovery of ...
Known for
Approach Overcomes | Gastric Lung | Her2 Target | Vivo Adc
KOL-Index: 8 The synthesis and biological evaluation of novel Tie-2 kinase inhibitors are presented. Based on the pyrrolopyrimidine chemotype, several new series are described, including the benzimidazole series by linking a benzimidazole to the C5-position of the 4-amino-pyrrolopyrimidine core and the ketophenyl series synthesized by incorporating a ketophenyl group to the C5-position. Medicinal ...
Known for
Medicinal Efforts | Vitro Attributes | Pyrrolopyrimidine Chemotype | Improved Physicochemical Properties
KOL-Index: 2 Fifth metacarpal neck fracture is a condition commonly referred to hand therapists for management. The method of treatment provided, as well as the frequency and duration of treatment vary widely, due to a lack of conclusive research evidence. This project will determine which of two treatment methods commonly employed by hand therapists is the most effective for the management of fifth ...
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Satisfactory Functional

BioMedicine Design, Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development, 558 Eastern Point Road, 06340, Groton, CT, USA

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