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Metemoglobinemia: Top KOLs in the world

David J Jollow #1
David J Jollow
Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology, Medical Unive
Known for Liver Injury |  Dapsone Hydroxylamine |  Lipid Peroxidation |  Skeletal Proteins |  Hemolytic Anemia
Hillel I Shuval #2
Hillel I Shuval
Environmental Health Laboratory, Hebrew University—Hadassah
Known for Hydrogen Peroxide |  Wastewater Irrigation |  Fecal Coliforms |  Silver Ions |  Jordan River

Nachman Gruener #3
Nachman Gruener
Department of Biochemistry, Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Is
Known for P47 Phox |  Field Workers |  Protein Phosphatases |  Coeliac Disease |  Methemoglobin Reductase
Emanuel Hegesh #4
Emanuel Hegesh
Biochemical Research Laboratory, Kaplan Hospital, Rehovoth,
Known for Enzymatic Reduction |  Human Erythrocytes |  Sensitive Micromethod |  Diaphorase Bands |  Ferrihemoglobin Reductase
Sara Cohen #5
Sara Cohen
Environmental Health Laboratory Department of Medical Ecolog
Known for Nitrites Rats |  Newborn Lactation |  Transplacental Passage |  Sensitive Micromethod |  Methemoglobin Blood
R Bochkovsky #6
R Bochkovsky
Biochemical Research Laboratory, Kaplan Hospital, Rehovoth,
Known for Sensitive Micromethod |  Blood Glucose |  Prolonged Starvation |  Nephrectomized Rats |  Acute Uremic Syndrome
George J Brewer #7
George J Brewer
University of Michigan, Department of Human Genetics, MI 481
Known for Zinc Deficiency |  Copper Toxicity |  Sickle Cell |  Initial Treatment |  Wilson Disease
Alvin R Tarlov #8
Alvin R Tarlov
Department of Medicine, University of Chicago, 540 North Sta
Known for Resource Utilization |  Social Class |  Population Health |  Medical Outcomes Study |  Internal Medicine
Tranakchit Harinasuta #9
Tranakchit Harinasuta
Clinical Pharmacology Unit, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Ma
Known for Oral Artesunate |  Clinical Trial |  Opisthorchis Viverrini |  Cure Rate |  Falciparum Malaria
Danai Bunnag #10
Danai Bunnag
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok, T
Known for Opisthorchis Viverrini |  Oral Artesunate |  Clinical Trial |  Cure Rate |  Falciparum Malaria