M. Kayalvizhi

M. Kayalvizhi

Department Of Instrumentation Engineering, Mit Campus, Anna University, Chromepet, Chennai, India

Direct Impact

Concepts for which M Kayalvizhi has direct influence:

minkowski functionals
brain images
pre-cooling stage
dental cysts
anatomical regions
milk pasteurization
modified drlse

External impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for which M Kayalvizhi has influence:

x-ray images
feature extraction
roi atlas registration
ventricle regions
modified tsallis entropy
quadtree decomposition
shape model

Prominent publications by M. Kayalvizhi

KOL-Index: 13 Dental or oral cysts are fairly a common occurrence in the mouth. There are several common types of dental cysts like periapical cyst, keratocyst, primordial and dentigerous cysts. The most common treatment for cysts is removal of the cyst region. Differentiating odontogenic keratocysts and ameloblastomas from other cystic lesions in the maxillomandibular region is important because of their ...
Known for
Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix | Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy | Cyst Texture
KOL-Index: 13 In this work, an attempt is made to analyze anatomical regions of Alzheimer's brain MR images using level set and Minkowski functionals (MFs). The T1 weighted sagittal view of normal and abnormal images considered in this work, are obtained from MIRIAD database. The ventricle along with the hippocampus is segmented using Reaction Diffusion (RD) level set method and is subjected to further ...
KOL-Index: 8 In this work, an attempt has been made to analyze atrophy of MR brain images using Minkowski Functionals (MFs) of the entropy based skull stripped whole brain image. The normal and Alzheimer images considered in this work are obtained from MIRIAD database. The proposed algorithm uses Shannon entropy and Tsallis entropy methods to calculate the global and local threshold values for the edge ...
Known for
Alzheimer Brain Images | Local Threshold Values | Functionals Area | Otsu Thresholding Method
KOL-Index: 7
Known for
Alzheimers Brain Images
KOL-Index: 5 Dental cysts are usually caused due to root infection involving the tooth affected greatly by carious decay. The most common forms of dental cysts include Ameloblastoma, Keratocyst and Dentigerous cyst. The treatment is planned based on the type of cyst. Differentiating Odontogenic Keratocysts and Ameloblastomas from other cystic lesions in the maxillomandibular region is crucial because of ...
Known for
Classification Dental | Include Contrast
KOL-Index: 5 The milk pasteurization is a multivariable interacting process where it is required to maintain the temperature profile of the milk precisely at each stage to inactivate the bacteria as well as to retain the nutritional content of the milk. The existing methodology involves the use of a precooling stage which adds up considerable cost to the milk pasteurization plant. The objective function ...
Known for
Plant Cooling | Multivariable Interacting Process | Individual Cascade Controllers | Temperature Milk
KOL-Index: 5 In this work, Minkowski functionals (MFs) based brain to ventricle index is proposed to quantify the structural changes in Alzheimer’s MR brain images for severity detection. Initially, the original images (N=120) from MIRIAD and ADNI database, are skull stripped using morphology based method. The ventricles are segmented using localized region-based active contour method. These algorithms ...
Known for
Neurodegenerative Disorder | Localized Region-Based Active Contour | Images Minkowski | Experts Ground Truth
KOL-Index: 2 In this work, the ventricles in MR brain images are segmented using edge based modified Distance Regularized Level Set Evolution (DRLSE) method and the structural changes in the disease is further analysed using Minkowski functionals (MFs). Twenty normal and abnormal T1-weighted coronal mid slice MR image are considered for the analysis. The MR brain image is pre-processed using contrast ...
Known for
Zsi Zijdenbos Similarity | Extracted Ventricle Region | Method Area | Images Level

Department of Instrumentation Engineering, MIT Campus, Anna University, Chromepet, Chennai, India

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