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Mixed Incontinence: Top KOLs in the world

Ulf I Ulmsten #1
Ulf I Ulmsten
Director, Division of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvi
Known for Urinary Incontinence |  Human Myometrium |  Connective Tissue |  Gap Junctions |  Intracervical Application
Paul H Abrams #2
Paul H Abrams
Bristol Urological Institute, North Bristol NHS Trust, South
Known for Urinary Incontinence |  International Consultation |  Transurethral Resection |  Laser Therapy |  Overactive Bladder

Linda D Cardozo #3
Linda D Cardozo
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Department of
Known for Detrusor Instability |  Ambulatory Urodynamics |  Urogenital Prolapse |  Overactive Bladder |  Urinary Incontinence
Alan J Wein #4
Alan J Wein
Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, University of Pe
Known for Smooth Muscle |  Field Stimulation |  Contractile Response |  Urinary Bladder |  Prostate Cancer
Magnus Fall #5
Magnus Fall
Department of Urology, Sahlgrenska Academy at the University
Known for Electrical Stimulation |  Urinary Bladder |  Hunner Lesion |  Interstitial Cystitis |  Mast Cells
Philip E V A Van  Kerrebroeck #6
Philip E V A Van Kerrebroeck
Department of Urology, Maastricht University Medical Center
Known for Urinary Tract |  Tamsulosin Ocas |  Multiple Sclerosis |  Sacral Neuromodulation |  Overactive Bladder
Derek J Griffiths #7
Derek J Griffiths
Division of Geriatric Medicine and Institute on Ageing (reti
Known for Bladder Control |  Older Women |  Residual Urine |  Urge Incontinence |  Detrusor Overactivity
Arne Victor #8
Arne Victor
Director, Division of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvi
Known for Plasma Levels |  Ovarian Function |  Oral Administration |  Sex Hormone |  Urinary Incontinence
Peter F W M Rosier #9
Peter F W M Rosier
Department of Urology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Ut
Known for Urinary Tract |  International Consultation |  Laser Treatment |  Sexual Dysfunction |  Bladder Outlet Obstruction
Steinar Hunskaar #10
Steinar Hunskaar
National Centre for Emergency Primary Health Care, NORCE Nor
Known for General Practice |  Hip Fracture |  Casualty Clinics |  Chest Pain |  Urinary Incontinence


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