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Motor Coordination

Jan Patricia Piek #1
Jan Patricia Piek
Curtin University, Bentley, Australia | School of Psychology
Known for Animal Fun | Children Dcd | Physical Activity | Attention Deficit
John C Cairney #2
John C Cairney
The University of Queensland, School of Human Movement and N
Known for Mental Health | Motor Coordination | Children Dcd | Bipolar Disorder

Matthieu E M Lenoir #3
Matthieu E M Lenoir
Department of Movement and Sports Sciences, Ghent University
Known for Mental Fatigue | Cycling Skills | Physical Fitness | Cycle Training
ROBERT Lalonde #4
ROBERT Lalonde
Laboratory of Stress, Immunity, Pathogens (EA7300), Medical
Known for Spontaneous Alternation | Exploratory Activity | Motor Coordination | Spatial Learning
Bouwien C M Smits‐Engelsman #5
Bouwien C M Smits‐Engelsman
Division of Physiotherapy, Department of Health and Rehabili
Known for Motor Performance | Movement Assessment Battery | Developmental Coordination | Beighton Score
David Franklin Stodden #6
David Franklin Stodden
Human Performance and Development Lab-Blatt Physical Educati
Known for Proficiency Barrier | Weight Status | Sports Participation | Motor Competence
Stephen B Dunnett #7
Stephen B Dunnett
School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, UK | School of Bi
Known for Striatal Grafts | Huntingtons Disease | Substantia Nigra | Gene Expression
Lisa Michele Barnett #8
Lisa Michele Barnett
Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Faculty of He
Known for Young Children | Pictorial Scale | Movement Skill | Physical Activity
Brent E Faught #9
Brent E Faught
Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada; | Department o
Known for Body Composition | Coordination Disorder | Physical Activity | Children Dcd
John A Hay #10
John A Hay
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Brock University, St. Ca
Known for Body Composition | Coordination Disorder | Physical Activity | Children Dcd

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