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Muscle Strength

Tamara B Harris #1
Tamara B Harris
Laboratory of Epidemiology and Population Sciences, National
Known for African Americans | Metabolic Syndrome | Physical Activity | Hip Fracture
Anne B Newman #2
Anne B Newman
Department of Epidemiology, Graduate School of Public Health
Known for Cardiovascular Health Study | Physical Activity | Gait Speed | Heart Failure

Jack Michael Guralnik #3
Jack Michael Guralnik
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of
Known for Older Women | Physical Activity | Depressive Symptoms | Mobility Disability
Luigi G Ferrucci #4
Luigi G Ferrucci
Translational Gerontology Branch, National Institute on Agin
Known for Baltimore Longitudinal Study | Physical Activity | Gait Speed | Depressive Symptoms
Marjolein Visser #5
Marjolein Visser
Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science, Vrije Uni
Known for Depressive Symptoms | Physical Activity | Muscle Mass | Protein Intake
Cyrus C Cooper #6
Cyrus C Cooper
National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Musculoskeleta
Known for Hip Fracture | Grip Strength | Hertfordshire Cohort Study | Physical Activity
Eleanor Marie Simonsick #7
Eleanor Marie Simonsick
Intramural Research Program, National Institute on Aging, Ba
Known for Physical Activity | Gait Speed | Baltimore Longitudinal Study | Metabolic Syndrome
William J Evans #8
William J Evans
Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences at Monas
Known for Body Composition | Resistance Training | Bed Rest | Eccentric Exercise
Michael C Nevitt #9
Michael C Nevitt
University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Known for Osteoarthritis Initiative | Cartilage Loss | Osteoporotic Fractures | Hip Fracture
Bret H Goodpaster #10
Bret H Goodpaster
Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes
Known for Metabolic Syndrome | Physical Activity | Weight Loss | Skeletal Muscle