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      KOL Resume for Ming Lu


      Key People For Nail Lacquer

      Top KOLs in the world
      Aditya Kumar Gupta
      tinea capitis seborrheic dermatitis antifungal agents
      Robert L Baran
      longitudinal melanonychia nail psoriasis combination therapy
      Antonella Tosti
      alopecia areata contact dermatitis hair loss
      Richard K Scher
      nail surgery subungual melanoma lichen planus
      Boni Elizabeth Elewski
      tinea capitis nail psoriasis seborrheic dermatitis
      Sudaxshina Murdan
      nail plate drug delivery cutaneous leishmaniasis

      Ming Lu:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichMing Luhas direct influence:Nail lacquer,  Terbinafine hydrogen chloride,  Hcl patients,  Day study,  Vehicle control,  1 lamisil cream,  Safety pharmacokinetics.



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