Nasal Foreign Bodies: Description of Types and Complications in 420 Cases

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Authors: Ricardo Rodrigues FigueiredoShiro TomitaAndreia Aparecida AzevedoArthur Octavio de Ávila Kós
Year: 2006
Times cited: 32

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Nasal foreign bodies: description of types and complications in 420 cases


Nasal cavities foreign bodies are common accidents in children, sometimes leading, in accordance with the literature, to complications such as epistaxis and bronchoaspiration. Diagnosis is often made with anterior rhinoscopy, but sometimes nasal fibroendoscopy and imaging may be useful.

AIM: To evaluate 420 cases of nasal foreign bodies removed in ENT Service of Souza Aguiar Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, as related to sex, age, type of foreign body and complications.

MATERIALS AND METHOD: 420 cases of nasal foreign bodies removed in the ENT service of Souza Aguiar Hospital between December 1992 and December 1998 were evaluated according to the parameters related above.

RESULTS: We found higher incidence between 0 and 4 years of age, and the most frequently found foreign bodies were foam fragments, plastic pieces of little toys, beans and paper fragments. Complications occurred in 9.05% of the cases, epistaxis and vestibulitis being the commonest.

CONCLUSION: Nasal foreign bodies are especially found between the ages of 0 and 4 years. In our study, foam fragments and small plastic objects were the most frequent foreign bodies found. Complications were found in 9.05% of the cases, headed by epistaxis and nasal vestibulitis.

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