Nasal vestibulitis: Everything You Need to Know About Nasal vestibulitis

"Nasal vestibulitis" is a bacterial infection inside the nostril that causes discomfort. It is common in adults and children. However, few forms of nasal Vestibulitis can result in life-threatening symptoms.

Nasal Vestibulitis results from the proliferation and formation of staphylococcus bacteria strains that construct pus-like cells in the pimple.

Nasal Vestibulitis

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The most prominent people in academia for the topic of nasal vestibulitis are: Dr. Nicholas J Cassisi, Dr. C. C. Wang and Dr. Nancy Price Mendenhall.

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The most prominent accounts for the topic of nasal vestibulitis are: Physicians Committee and Toronto Star.

Pimple Inside Nose

A boil or a pimple, results from a skin infection that begins developing in a hair follicle or gland, and therefore in the nasal area, it grows in the hair follicles of the affected area. It causes a significant level of discomfort. A thick yellow overlying layer is visible at the borders of the pimples.

Sores Inside Nose Pictures

The bacterial infection causes inflammation in the blood vessels in the specific area, which results in soreness in the nasal region inside the nose.

Bump on the Inside of the Nose

A bump often indicates the presence of a pimple. The blockage and irritation of nostril hair due to nasal Vestibulitis results in the growth and progression of a bump-like structure inside the nose.

Staph Infection Inside the Nose

The staph range of bacteria generally thrives inside the nose and is harmless in the nose. If the skin of the nose undergoes structural damage due to an injury or wounds in the nasal region, then the staph range of bacteria can enter through the damaged tissue region and result in developing an infection in that region.

A Sore Inside Nose That Won't Heal

Soreness inside the nose can be due to several different causes, including allergies, dry environments, or injuries. The soreness often heals by itself if the affecting external factors no longer interact with the fauna of the nose. However, if the soreness results from growing infectious bacterial cells of the staphylococcus strain, then it does not heal by itself and requires an antibiotic intervention to reduce the strength of the sore.

Nasal Vestibulitis Treatment

Regular application of topical antibiotic creams or ointments for a certain period can help in treating the symptoms of nasal Vestibulitis. The treatment of nasal Vestibulitis includes the intake of oral antibiotics along with heat compressions at specific periods. If the symptoms persist even after the administration of antibiotics, then the medical experts might move forward to a surgical method that aims to remove the infectious mass.

Bump Inside Nose

A bump is an elevated mass on the skin. Nasal Vestibulitis causes a variety of nodes at a specific region in the nose. Slight, extreme, or no inflammation might be present with the node.

Nasal Vestibule

The nasal vestibule, also known as the nose opening, is a nose structure that causes the transport of particles into the mucosa in the nasal cavity. The entry portion of the nasal vestibule consists of coarse hair strands that filter out infectious or harmful particles. The region of the nasal vestibule consists of several blood vessels that have a direct connection to the brain; therefore, rarely, its infection might spread in the brain region, resulting in disorders that can prove fatal.

Scab in Nose

The platelets in the body form blood clots when the skin undergoes exterior structural damage like a wound or an injury that creates a dry crusty region in the area known as a scab. However, in nasal Vestibulitis, the scab becomes infectious, which causes the skin surrounding the scab to show discoloration, and the area surrounding the wound appears crusty and yellow.

Swollen Nostril

The swelling of the nose openings or nostrils is either a result of inflammation due to the bacterial infection in nasal Vestibulitis or an existing allergy. If the swell is too extreme, it might cause difficulty in transporting air and other particles from the environment into the nose, which can affect an individual's overall health.

Swollen Nose

The location of the swelling is responsible for deciding its cause. If it's the outside or exterior portion of the nose, it might be a result of an injury trauma or skin allergy, whereas if it's present at the inside part, it might be a result of nasal vestibulitis infection, inflammation or allergic reactions to certain compounds.

Bump in Nose

A bump in the structure of the nose might result from a deformity, whereas a bump-like form at the nose openings is often a result of the deposition of infectious cells. Nasal Vestibulitis results in the accumulation of contagious cells in the interior nose skin that grows and protrudes to increase the area and volume of the bump.

Tip of Nose Red and Sore to Touch

A more severe case of nasal Vestibulitis results in cellulitis that causes the tip of the nose to swell and gives a sore sense of touch to the skin. The cellulitis can spread to other skin parts, like the cheeks. It also results in warmness at the tip of the nose and further affected areas.

The Scab Inside the Nose Won't Heal

In the case of nasal Vestibulitis, the scab, which results from the wear and tear of skin tissues due to an external injury, gets infected. After the scab infection with the staphylococcus strain of bacteria, the infectious cells grow on the surface of the scab, which results in the further development of pimples instead of healing itself.

In Nose Pimple

A wear and tear of skin cause the invasion of broken skin by bacteria, which results in a sore or pimple inside the nose. The nose pimple can progressively grow if it is a symptom of nasal Vestibulitis without proper treatment.

Why Does the Inside of My Nose Hurt?

The presence of nasal Vestibulitis results in the development of a bump-like structure at the region where a wound is present. Bacterial cells in the form of puss cause pain and tenderness at a specific location due to the inflammatory reaction of the body's immune system.


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Dr. Mario Lacouture specializes in Dermatology, with a special focus on Skin Problems in Cancer Therapy, Hair Problems in Cancer Therapy and Nail Problems in Cancer Therapy. He practices primarily in New York, NY, and is affiliated with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Lacouture graduated from Colombia in 1997, and completed his training at Cleveland Clinic and Brigham & Women's Hosp. He is board certified in Dermatology.

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