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    KOL Index score: 19402

    PURPOSE: To compare the accuracy of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with that of the current clinical standard of endoscopy and endoscopic biopsy, to determine whether MR imaging depicts subclinical cancers missed at endoscopy and endoscopic biopsy, and to determine whether MR imaging can identify patients without nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) who do not need to undergo invasive sampling biopsy.

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study protocol was approved by the institutional review board; ...

    Also Ranks for: Endoscopic Biopsy |  imaging endoscopy |  nasopharyngeal carcinoma |  patients npc |  sensitivity specificity
    KOL Index score: 17382

    PURPOSE: To prospectively determine the diagnostic accuracy of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for discrimination of malignant neck nodes due to lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), with histologic findings and imaging criteria as reference standards.

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ethics committee approval and informed consent were obtained. Patients with malignant lymphadenopathy underwent 1.5-T diffusion-weighted MR ...

    Also Ranks for: Npc Lymphoma |  adc values |  carcinoma carcinoma |  mm2 sec |  differences malignant nodes
    KOL Index score: 16387

    OBJECTIVE: Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (Hong Kong) and Osteoporotic Fractures in Women (Hong Kong) represent the first large-scale prospective population-based studies on bone health in elderly (age≥65 years) Chinese men (n=2,000) and women (n=2,000). We undertook the current study to investigate the prevalence of lumbar disc space narrowing in these subjects, and to identify the potential relationship between disc space narrowing and sex, bone mineral density (BMD), and other ...

    Also Ranks for: Hong Kong |  osteoporotic fractures |  disc space narrowing |  hip bmd |  elderly chinese women
    KOL Index score: 13353

    PURPOSE: To compare the diagnostic accuracy of computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and ultrasonography (US) in the detection of necrosis in metastatic cervical nodes from patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-seven patients (age range, 39-85 years; mean age, 62 years) with squamous cell carcinoma in the head and neck underwent CT, MR imaging, and US. Three radiologists evaluated the images for nodal necrosis. The results ...

    Also Ranks for: Sensitivity Specificity |  neck nodes |  imaging detection |  computed tomography |  aged necrosis
    KOL Index score: 13281

    PURPOSE: To determine the diagnostic performance of diffusion-weighted (DW) imaging for the prediction of treatment failure in primary head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC).

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was approved by the local institutional ethics committee and conducted with informed written consent in patients with primary HNSCC treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. DW imaging of the primary tumor was performed before treatment in 37 patients and was repeated ...

    Also Ranks for: Local Failure |  diagnostic performance |  squamous cell |  kurtosis skewness |  patients hnscc
    KOL Index score: 13125

    BACKGROUND: Radiological examinations are commonly requested for patients to aid clinical diagnosis. However, many doctors do not realise how much radiation dosage their patients are exposed to during radiological investigations. This study aims to assess and compare the knowledge of radiologists and non-radiologists about radiation doses of common radiological investigations.

    METHODS: A prospective questionnaire study of doctors about the dosage of commonly performed radiological ...

    Also Ranks for: Radiation Exposure |  radiological investigation |  hong kong |  knowledge radiologists |  chest ray
    KOL Index score: 13114

    BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Our previous nasopharyngeal carcinoma detection study, comparing MR imaging, endoscopy, and endoscopic biopsy, showed that MR imaging is a highly sensitive test that identifies nasopharyngeal carcinomas missed by endoscopy. However, at the close of that study, patients without biopsy-proved nasopharyngeal carcinoma nevertheless had shown suspicious abnormalities on endoscopy and/or MR imaging. The aim of this study was to determine whether there were any patients ...

    Also Ranks for: Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma |  endoscopic biopsy |  sensitivity specificity |  follow studies |  lymphoid hyperplasia
    KOL Index score: 12850

    PURPOSE: To document utility of shear-wave (SW) elastography for assessing liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B and to compare its performance with that of transient elastography.

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ethics committee approved the study, and informed consent was obtained. Patients with liver biopsy correlation (n = 226) and healthy patients (n = 171) were analyzed. Results of SW elastography of liver, SW elastography of spleen, and transient elastography of liver were compared and ...

    Also Ranks for: Transient Elastography |  liver fibrosis |  spleen stiffness |  chronic hepatitis |  metavir scores
    KOL Index score: 12791

    BACKGROUND: Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a leading infectious cause of death throughout the world, including Hong Kong.

    AIM: To compare the ability of three validated prediction rules for CAP to predict mortality in Hong Kong: the 20 variable Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI), the 6-point CURB65 scale adopted by the British Thoracic Society and the simpler CRB65.

    METHODS: A prospective observational study of 1016 consecutive inpatients with CAP (583 men, mean (SD) age 72 (17) ...

    Also Ranks for: Hong Kong |  predictive rules |  prospective comparison |  psi curb65 |  acquired pneumonia
    KOL Index score: 12730

    The study cohort comprised 196 females and 163 males. Lumbar spine bone mineral density (BMD) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were acquired. Females had more severe disc degeneration than males. Lumbar spine lower BMD was associated with less severe disc degeneration. Lumbar disc spaces were more likely to be narrower when vertebral BMD was higher.IntroductionThe purpose of this paper is to study the relationship between gender, BMD, and disc degeneration in the lumbar ...

    Also Ranks for: Lumbar Spine |  disc degeneration |  elderly subjects |  bone mineral density |  163 males
    KOL Index score: 12421

    OBJECTIVE: To examine the impact of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) on pulmonary function, exercise capacity, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) among survivors.

    METHODS: 110 survivors with confirmed SARS were evaluated at the Prince of Wales Hospital, HK at the end of 3 and 6 months after symptom onset. The assessment included lung volumes (TLC, VC, RV, FRC), spirometry (FVC, FEV1), carbon monoxide transfer factor (TLCO adjusted for haemoglobin), inspiratory and ...

    Also Ranks for: Pulmonary Function |  acute respiratory |  6 months |  exercise capacity |  fvc tlc
    KOL Index score: 12277

    ObjectiveTo determine the relative performance of T1rho and T2 relaxation times in disc degeneration assessment.MethodsLumbar sagittal MRI was performed at 3 T in 52 subjects. With a spin-lock frequency of 500 Hz, T1rho was measured using a rotary echo spin-lock pulse embedded in a three-dimensional (3D) balanced fast field echo sequence. A multi-echo TSE sequence was used for T2 mapping. Regions of interest (ROIs) were drawn over the T1rho and T2 maps, including nucleus pulposus (NP) ...

    Also Ranks for: Disc Degeneration |  values np |  t1rho relaxation |  image interpretation |  nucleus pulposus
    KOL Index score: 11691

    PURPOSE: To compare the toxicities, tumor control, survival, and quality of life of nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) patients treated with sequential neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by concurrent cisplatin-radiotherapy (CRT) or CRT alone.

    PATIENTS AND METHODS: Previously untreated stage III to IVB NPC were randomly assigned to (1) neoadjuvant docetaxel 75 mg/m(2) and cisplatin 75 mg/m(2) every 3 weeks for two cycles, followed by cisplatin 40 mg/m(2)/wk concurrent with radiotherapy, or (2) ...

    Also Ranks for: Concurrent Cisplatin |  neoadjuvant docetaxel |  quality life |  hazard ratio |  chemotherapy crt
    KOL Index score: 11680

    ObjectiveA screening survey for osteoporotic fractures in men and women in Hong Kong represents the first large-scale prospective population-based study on bone health in elderly (≥65 years) Chinese men and women. This study aims to identify the prevalence and potential risk factors of lumbar spondylolisthesis in these subjects.MethodsThe lateral lumbar radiographs of 1,994 male and 1,996 female patients were analysed using the Meyerding classification.ResultsAmongst the men, 380 ...

    Also Ranks for: Lumbar Spondylolisthesis |  elderly chinese |  hong kong |  anterolisthesis retrolisthesis |  osteoporotic fractures
    KOL Index score: 11321

    ObjectivesMRI can detect early-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), but the detection is more challenging in early-stage NPCs because they must be distinguished from benign hyperplasia in the nasopharynx. This study aimed to determine whether intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted imaging (IVIM DWI) MRI could distinguish between these two entities.MethodsThirty-four subjects with early-stage NPC and 30 subjects with benign hyperplasia prospectively underwent IVIM DWI. The mean ...

    Also Ranks for: Benign Hyperplasia |  nasopharyngeal carcinoma |  incoherent motion |  earlystage npc |  diffusion coefficient


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    females prepubertal #1
    tcl discrete nodes #1
    treatment unidimensional measurement #1
    sonograms 17 adults #1
    vti ceus #1
    emax 15 5 #1
    parotid castleman #1
    doppler sonography case #1
    bdm percentage #1
    comet‐tail artifact #1
    cds doppler #1
    sonograms 40 patients #1
    nhl larynx #1
    milestones patients #1
    videofluoroscopic findings #1
    intraosseous involvement #1
    swe elastographic artefacts #1
    low spinlock frequencies #1
    highresolution transducers #1
    intraoral ultrasound #1
    doppler aged child #1
    resultsaptmean #1
    ovulatory luteal phases #1
    doppler sonography assessment #1
    wave elastography swe #1
    diffuse thyroid enlargement #1
    dwi dm− patients #1
    extent radiographic opacification #1
    femur head rats #1
    formalin differences #1
    doppler kuttner #1
    vascular pattern nodes #1
    826 posterior enhancement #1
    cesl theoretical analysis #1
    sensitivity imaging #1
    nodes nasopharyngeal #1
    parameters entities #1
    bccs sonograms #1
    cervical lymph nodes #1
    sonographic appearances variations #1
    thyroglossal duct children #1
    apt carcinoma carcinoma #1
    aptmean responders #1
    vp primary tumors #1
    vascularity displacement #1
    radiographic opacification #1
    doppler metastatic nodes #1
    tuberculosis head #1
    sjogrens syndrome sle #1
    interstitial thickening evidence #1

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