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Nefropatía: Top KOLs in the world

Joseph Coresh #1
Joseph Coresh
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore,
Known for Kidney Disease |  African Americans |  Communities Study |  United States |  Atherosclerosis Risk
Andrew S Levey #2
Andrew S Levey
Division of Nephrology, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, USA. |
Known for Serum Creatinine |  Glomerular Filtration Rate |  United States |  Mdrd Study |  Kidney Disease

Jeffrey B Kopp #3
Jeffrey B Kopp
Kidney Disease Section, National Institute of Diabetes and D
Known for Kidney Disease |  Transgenic Mice |  Focal Segmental |  Apol1 Risk |  African Americans
Patricia Ruíz #4
Patricia Ruíz
Molecular Biology Laboratory, Fundació Puigvert, Instituto d
Known for T222p Variant |  Alport Syndrome |  Nphs2 Analysis |  Wt1 Mutations |  Genetic Testing
Adeera Levin #5
Adeera Levin
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia,
Known for Peritoneal Dialysis |  British Columbia |  International Society |  Patients Ckd |  Kidney Disease
Tom H Greene #6
Tom H Greene
Intermountain Healthcare Department of Population Health Sci
Known for African Americans |  Blood Pressure |  Serum Creatinine |  Ferric Citrate |  Kidney Disease
Carl Erik Mogensen #7
Carl Erik Mogensen
Department of Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus,
Known for Diabetic Patients |  Albumin Excretion |  Glomerular Filtration Rate |  Renal Disease |  Blood Pressure
ENRIC Esmatjes #8
ENRIC Esmatjes
Endocrinology Department, Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Barcelo
Known for Type 1 |  Metabolic Control |  Diabetic Nephropathy |  Diabetes Mellitus |  Pancreas Transplantation
Michael W Steffes #9
Michael W Steffes
Advanced Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of L
Known for African Americans |  Diabetic Nephropathy |  Atherosclerosis Risk |  Metabolic Syndrome |  Type 1 Diabetes
Karl Lhotta #10
Karl Lhotta
Vorarlberg Institute for Vascular Investigation and Treatmen
Known for Renal Transplantation |  Complement C4 |  Kidney Disease |  Plasma Concentrations |  Hemodialysis Patients