• Negative Symptoms
  • Negative Symptoms

    Negative Symptoms: Top KOLs in the world

    William T Carpenter #1
    William T Carpenter
    University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Psy
    Known for Psychotic Disorders | Schizophrenic Patients | Aga Igg | Negative Symptoms | Deficit Syndrome
    Nancy C Andreasen #2
    Nancy C Andreasen
    University of Iowa | Department of Psychiatry, Carver Colleg
    Known for Magnetic Resonance | Brain Morphology | Blood Flow | Negative Symptoms | Patients Schizophrenia

    Stanley R Kay #3
    Stanley R Kay
    Department of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicin
    Known for Tardive Dyskinesia | Pineal Calcification | Schizophrenic Patients | Melatonin Secretion | Negative Syndrome
    Brian Kirkpatrick #4
    Brian Kirkpatrick
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University
    Known for Summer Birth | Nonaffective Psychosis | Latent Structure | Negative Symptoms | Deficit Syndrome
    Robert W Buchanan #5
    Robert W Buchanan
    Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, University of Maryland
    Known for Patients Schizophrenia | Neurological Signs | Negative Symptoms | Deficit Syndrome | Social Cognition
    Stephen R Marder #6
    Stephen R Marder
    VA Desert Pacific Mental Illness Research, Education, and Cl
    Known for Social Cognition | Schizophrenic Patients | Tardive Dyskinesia | Community Integration | Negative Symptoms
    ABRAHAM Fiszbein #7
    ABRAHAM Fiszbein
    the Department of Psychiatry, Presbyterian Hospital, New Yor
    Known for Chronic Schizophrenic Inpatients | Panss Pansss | Negative Syndrome | Psychotic Disorders | Spanish Adaptation
    Wayne S Fenton #8
    Wayne S Fenton
    National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, MD, USA | Nat
    Known for Fatty Acids | Negative Symptoms | Mental Illness | Cognitive Impairment | Spontaneous Dyskinesia
    Michael Foster Green #9
    Michael Foster Green
    UCLA | Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences,
    Known for Functional Outcome | Social Cognition | Schizophrenia Patients | Bipolar Disorder | Negative Symptoms
    James M Gold #10
    James M Gold
    Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, Department of Psychiat
    Known for Patients Schizophrenia | Social Cognition | Reinforcement Learning | Cognitive Control | Negative Symptoms

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