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Neurological Deficit

Michael Chopp† #1
Michael Chopp†
Henry Ford Hosp, Detroit, MI | Department of Neurology, Henr
Known for Functional Recovery | Embolic Stroke | Bone Marrow | Ischemic Brain
John H Zhang #2
John H Zhang
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Basic Sciences, S
Known for Neuronal Apoptosis | Oxidative Stress | Subarachnoid Hemorrhage | Cerebral Vasospasm

Philip Ra Weinstein† #3
Philip Ra Weinstein†
Department of Neurological Surgery, University of California
Known for Spinal Cord | Magnetic Resonance | Mild Hypothermia | Infarct Volume
Richard F Keep #4
Richard F Keep
Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Universi
Known for Choroid Plexus | White Matter | Aged Rats | Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Michael A Moskowitz #5
Michael A Moskowitz
Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital and
Known for Cerebral Ischemia | Blood Flow | Cortical Spreading Depression | Nitric Oxide
Guohua Xi #6
Guohua Xi
5018 BSRB, 109 Zina Pitcher Place, 48109-2200, Ann Arbor, MI
Known for White Matter | Aged Rats | Neurological Deficits | Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Mei Lu #7
Mei Lu
Department of Radiation Oncology, Henry Ford Health System,
Known for Bone Marrow | Traumatic Brain Injury | Combination Treatment | Chronic Hepatitis
Yanfeng Li #8
Yanfeng Li
Department of Materials, The University of Manchester, Oxfor
Known for Functional Recovery | Stromal Cells | Porous Textiles | Cyclin D1
†Eng H Lo #9
†Eng H Lo
Departments of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Bo
Known for Cerebral Ischemia | Brain Injury | White Matter | Oxidative Stress
Jieli Chen #10
Jieli Chen
1Department of Neurology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI-4
Known for Bone Marrow | Ischemic Brain | Functional Outcome | Combination Treatment