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    KOL Index score: 1452

    Percutaneous RF facet denervation is a valid, low-risk means of treating 'mechanical' pain syndromes in previously unoperated patients with back and/or leg pain. In the series of 126 patients, reported long-term overall success was 42%. With improved technique and patient selection, success rate has increased to 67%. This procedure appears to be increasing in clinical value as a more conservative means of treating certain back pain problems, thus avoiding definitive surgery.

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    KOL Index score: 1097

    Diagnosis and treatment of low back pain may well have seen more progress in the past five years than in the previous 50. Specific diagnoses can be made by history and physical examination and can often be objectively documented by modern high-resolution computed tomographic scanning of the lumbar spine. A number of innovative conservative treatment modalities show great promise in decreasing the need for surgical intervention. Surgery is indicated only when appropriate conservative ...

    Also Ranks for: Low Pain |  physical examination |  intervertebral disc |  treatment modalities |  computed tomographic
    KOL Index score: 981

    Advances in stereotaxic surgery for pain and dyskinesias have stimulated a search for a simple, safe method of producing a predictable, easily controlled, and discrete lesion, and one which, should it prove to be inadequate, could be enlarged without further surgical procedure. An external source of energy which could be accurately focused would be ideal but the available external sources of energy—ultrasonic waves, gamma waves, or the proton beam—are attenuated or dispersed by the ...

    Also Ranks for: Stereotaxic Surgery |  ultrasonic waves
    KOL Index score: 877
    Also Ranks for: Carotid Artery |  cavernous sinus |  arteriovenous fistula
    KOL Index score: 692

    When applied under the circumstances of minimal patient risk, as documented in this paper, implanted neuroaugmentive spinal devices are a reasonable means of therapy for selected severe pain problems. With presently developed screening techniques, a 50% good-to-excellent result was obtained in 198 patients predominently consisting of 'failed back surgery syndrome' (94%). These figures represent a very significant improvement in success of treatment for this group of patients when ...

    Also Ranks for: Surgery Syndrome |  complications spinal |  electric stimulation |  therapy electrodes
    KOL Index score: 522
    Also Ranks for: Surgery Patients |  treatment failure |  spinal fusion
    KOL Index score: 465
    Also Ranks for: Spinal Stenosis |  lumbar vertebrae
    KOL Index score: 66
    Also Ranks for: Finite Amplitude


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    Concept World rank
    lumbosacral arachnoiditis #1
    lumbosacral arachnoiditis patients #1
    diseases arachnoiditis #4
    juvenile discogenic disease #4
    publication arachnoiditis #5
    male scheuermann #8
    arachnoiditis pain #18
    arachnoiditis patients #27
    percutaneous facet #32
    arachnoiditis humans #36
    chymopapain humans #40
    radiofrequency facet #52
    alarm bells #54
    facet denervation #66
    adult arachnoiditis #76

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    Concepts for whichCharles V Burtonhas direct influence:Lumbar spine,  Lumbosacral arachnoiditis,  Pain humans,  Alarm bells,  Low pain,  Spinal diseases,  Juvenile discogenic disease,  Intervertebral disc.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Charles V Burton has influence:Cauda equina,  Arachnoiditis ossificans,  Epidural fibrosis,  Surgery syndrome,  Low pain,  Scheuermann disease,  Endplate defects.



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