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Nipple Fissure: Top KOLs in the world

Ahmadshah Farhat #1
Ahmadshah Farhat
Neonatal Research Center, Emam Reza Hospital, Mashhad Univer
Known for Breast Milk |  Sore Nipples |  Socioeconomic Status |  Birth Weight |  Umbilical Granuloma
Ashraf Mohammadzadeh #2
Ashraf Mohammadzadeh
Neonatal Research Center, School Medicine, Mashhad Universit
Known for Zinc Sulfate |  Kangaroo Mother |  Intravenous Lipid |  Birth Weight |  Breast Milk

Joachim Wilhelm Fluhr #3
Joachim Wilhelm Fluhr
Department of Dermatology, Venereologie and Allergology, Cha
Known for Barrier Function |  Free Radicals |  Stratum Corneum |  Sensitive Skin |  Atopic Dermatitis
Achim Wöckel #4
Achim Wöckel
Universitäts-Frauenklinik Würzburg, Josef-Schneider-Str. 4,
Known for Guideline Adherence |  Ago Recommendations |  Adjuvant Chemotherapy |  Financial Difficulties |  Breast Cancer
Michael Abou‐Dakn #5
Michael Abou‐Dakn
Wissenschaftlicher Beirat, Netzwerk Gesund ins Leben, Bonn,
Known for Birth Weight |  Percent Error |  Breast Diseases |  Shoulder Dystocia |  Gestational Diabetes
Mo Gensch #6
Mo Gensch
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St. Joseph Hospita
Known for Expressed Breastmilk |  Psychological Stress |  Ebm Treatment |  Hpa Lanolin |  Nipple Pain
Lisa Helen Amir #7
Lisa Helen Amir
Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University | Royal Women’s Ho
Known for Nipple Pain |  Infant Feeding |  Maternal Smoking |  Saudi Arabia |  Breast Milk
Cindy‐Lee E Dennis #8
Cindy‐Lee E Dennis
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toro
Known for Peer Support |  Mental Illness |  Exclusive Breastfeeding |  Depressive Symptomatology |  Postpartum Depression
Miranda L Buck #9
Miranda L Buck
Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University, Level 3 George Si
Known for Topical Treatments |  Burden Problems |  Nipple Pain |  Maternal Mood |  8 Weeks
Ellen D Hodnett #10
Ellen D Hodnett
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toro
Known for Blood Pressure |  Guided Imagery |  Breech Presentation |  Prelabor Rupture |  Continuous Support


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