• Nocardiosis
  • Nocardiosis

    Nocardiosis: Top KOLs in the world

    Richard J Wallace #1
    Richard J Wallace
    Department of Microbiology, The University of Texas Health S
    Known for Nontuberculous Mycobacteria | Mycobacterium Abscessus | United States | Lung Disease | Susceptibility Testing
    June M Brown #2
    June M Brown
    Bacterial Special Pathogens Branch, Division of High-Consequ
    Known for Nocardia Farcinica | Clinical Isolates | Sequence Analysis | Bacterial Rna | Rhodococcus Equi

    Barbara A Brown‐Elliott #3
    Barbara A Brown‐Elliott
    Department of Microbiology, The University of Texas Health S
    Known for Mycobacterium Abscessus | United States | Sequence Analysis | Lung Disease | Nontuberculous Mycobacteria
    Patricia S Conville #4
    Patricia S Conville
    Office of, In Vitro, Diagnostics and Radiological Health, Ce
    Known for 16s Rrna Gene | Mycobacterium Avium | Sequence Analysis | Microseq 500 | Nocardia Species
    Blaine L Beaman #5
    Blaine L Beaman
    Institute of Cell and Molecular Biosciences, Medical School,
    Known for Cord Factor | Superoxide Dismutase | Cell Wall | Activated Macrophages | Nocardia Asteroides
    Patrick Boiron #6
    Patrick Boiron
    Research group on Bacterial Opportunistic Pathogens and Envi
    Known for Soil Isolates | Bacterial Dna | Antifungal Activity | Madurella Mycetomatis | Nocardia Asteroides
    LoVelle Beaman #7
    LoVelle Beaman
    Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Universit
    Known for Superoxide Dismutase | Acid Phosphatase | Nocardia Asteroides | Hela Cells | Cell Lines
     Shahid Husain #8
    Shahid Husain
    University Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada | Transplant
    Known for Organ Transplant | Fungal Infections | Bronchoalveolar Lavage | Invasive Aspergillosis
    Mercedes Marín #9
    Mercedes Marín
    Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón, 28007
    Known for Clostridium Difficile | Poor Outcome | Infective Endocarditis | Mycobacterium Tuberculosis | Campylobacter Bacteremia
    Patricia Muñoz #10
    Patricia Muñoz
    Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Department, Ho
    Known for Transplant Recipients | Infective Endocarditis | Invasive Aspergillosis | Bloodstream Infections | Solid Organ

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    Recently Asked Questions

    Nocardiosis Nocardiosis is a rare but serious lung infection that most often affects people with weakened immune systems. The infection is caused by a type of bacteria...