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Nomophobia: Top KOLs in the world

Caglar Yildirim #1
Caglar Yildirim
Khoury College of Computer Sciences Northeastern University,
Known for Nomophobia Questionnaire |  Game Enjoyment |  Mental Workload |  Vr Gaming |  Virtual Reality
AnaPaula Correia #2
AnaPaula Correia
School of Education, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA |
Known for Reported Questionnaire |  Qualitative Exploration |  Modern Age Phobia |  College Students |  Phase Dimensions

Antonio Egídio Nardi #3
Antonio Egídio Nardi
Full Professor of Psychiatry, Federal University of Rio de J
Known for Sexual Dysfunction |  Suicidal Ideation |  Respiratory Subtype |  Aerobic Exercise |  Panic Disorder
Alexandre Martins Valença #4
Alexandre Martins Valença
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Known for Respiratory Subtype |  Criminal Responsibility |  Major Depression |  Carbon Dioxide |  Panic Disorder
Anna Lucia Spear King #5
Anna Lucia Spear King
Delete Laboratory, Conscious Use of Technologies/Brasil, Ins
Known for Social Media |  Digital Devices |  Health Professionals |  Panic Disorder |  Internet Addiction
Nicola Luigi Bragazzi #6
Nicola Luigi Bragazzi
Africa-Canada Artificial Intelligence and Data Innovation Co
Known for Big Data |  Physical Activity |  Global Burden |  Google Trends |  South Korea
Giovanni Del Puente #7
Giovanni Del Puente
Department of Neuroscience, Rehabilitation, Ophthalmology, G
Known for Physical Education |  Systematic Overview |  Italian Language |  Chronic Kidney Disease |  Nomophobia Questionnaire
Adriana Cardoso Silva #8
Adriana Cardoso Silva
Laboratory of Panic and Respiration – Institute of Psychiatr
Known for Suicidal Ideation |  Compulsive Buying |  Brazilian Version |  Sexual Dysfunction |  Panic Disorder
Mark Damian Griffiths #9
Mark Damian Griffiths
International Gaming Research Unit, Psychology Division, Not
Known for Internet Addiction |  Psychological Distress |  Social Media |  Psychometric Properties |  Problem Gambling
MR Carvalho #10
MR Carvalho
Research Officer, Geotechnics Department, LNEC | Mental Heal
Known for Daily Habits |  Anxiety Disorder |  Social Phobia |  Virtual Environments |  Proof Testing


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