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Notalgia Paresthetica: Top KOLs in the world

E Wayne Massey #1
E Wayne Massey
Department of Neurology, Duke University Medical Center, Dur
Known for Digitalgia Paresthetica |  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome |  Meralgia Paraesthetica |  Neurologic Injuries |  Scuba Diving
E Bozkurt Şavk #2
E Bozkurt Şavk
Aydın Adnan Menderes University Aydın Turkey | Aydın Adnan M
Known for Insulin Resistance |  Notalgia Paresthetica |  Paederus Dermatitis |  Adiponectin Levels |  Chronic Pruritus

Faculté de Médecine, Montpellier | Hôpital Saint Eloi, Montp
Known for Plasma Exchange |  Bullous Pemphigoid |  Acne Vulgaris |  Human Skin |  Adapalene Gel
Nadia Raison‐Peyron #4
Nadia Raison‐Peyron
Department of Dermatology, Hôpital Saint Eloi, Montpellier U
Known for Acetophenone Azine |  Shin Pads |  Patch Tests |  Interferon Alfa |  Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Laurent MEUNIER #5
Dermatology Department, University Hospital of Montpellier,
Known for Human Skin |  Psoriatic Epidermis |  Lichen Planus |  Proteasome Assembly |  Cdk4 Activity
M Acevedo #6
M Acevedo
Service de Dermatologie, Allergologie et Photobiologie, Hôpi
Known for Np Patients |  Angiosarcoma Scalp |  Notalgia Paresthetica |  Interferon Alpha |  12 Cases
A Bernard Pleet #7
A Bernard Pleet
From the Departments of Surgery (Cardiac Surgery Division),a
Known for Perfusion Temperature |  Notalgia Paresthetica |  Diabetic Ketoacidosis |  Unusual Nuclear Inclusions |  Multiple Sclerosis
Joanna Wallengren #8
Joanna Wallengren
Department of Dermatology, Lund University Skane University
Known for Contact Dermatitis |  International Forum |  Chronic Prurigo |  Sensitive Skin |  Brachioradial Pruritus
Julia Margaret Polak #9
Julia Margaret Polak
John Homans Professor of Surgery, Director, Laboratory for T
Known for Spinal Cord |  Endocrine Cells |  Regulatory Peptides |  Calcitonin Gene |  Nitric Oxide
David Richard Springall #10
David Richard Springall
aUniversity Medicine, Southampton General Hospital, Tremona
Known for Endocrine Cells |  Blood Vessels |  Saphenous Vein |  Dental Pulp |  Nitric Oxide


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