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Nummular Dermatitis: Top KOLs in the world

Marvin J Rapaport #1
Marvin J Rapaport
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA | Los Angeles, California, USA | 436
Known for Plant Proteases |  Yellow Dyes |  Allergic Contact Dermatitis |  Anorexia Nervosa |  Collagen Injections
David M Morrow #2
David M Morrow
The Morrow Skin Institute Eisenhower Medical Center Rancho M
Known for Surgical Humans |  Laser Therapy Surgery |  Contact Urticaria |  Hypersensitivity Aloe

Richard A Strick #3
Richard A Strick
National Alopecia Areata Foundation, San Rafael, California,
Known for Alopecia Areata |  Skin Temperatures |  Ethane Chlorofluorocarbons |  Dncb Study |  Ames Assay
Niels Kren Veien #4
Niels Kren Veien
Kolding, Denmark | The Dermatology Clinic Aalborg Øst Denmar
Known for Oral Challenge |  Cutaneous Sarcoidosis |  Food Additives |  Hand Eczema |  Contact Dermatitis
Department of Dermatology, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
Known for Contact Sensitivity |  Carba Mix |  Patch Testing |  Nickel Sulphate
Eileen Parry #6
Eileen Parry
Department of Dermatology, Vale of Leven Hospital, Alexandri
Known for 45 Years |  Chrome Nickel |  Patch Testing |  Discoid Eczema |  Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Danny Kemmett #7
Danny Kemmett
Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK
Known for Severe Nail Dystrophy |  Patch Testing |  Discoid Eczema |  Allergic Contact Dermatitis |  Painful Fingertips
Colin Fleming #8
Colin Fleming
Department of Dermatology,
Western Infirmary,
Known for Contact Sensitivity |  Cutaneous Manifestations |  Patch Testing |  Psoriasis Vulgaris |  Discoid Eczema
Antonella Tosti #9
Antonella Tosti
Dr. Philip Frost Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Sur
Known for Hair Loss |  Nail Matrix |  Pili Annulati |  Alopecia Areata |  Contact Dermatitis
Thais Hattel #10
Thais Hattel
The Dermatology Clinic, Vesterbro 99, DK‐9000 Aalborg, Denma
Known for Contact Dermatitis |  Retinoic Acid |  Positive Patch Tests |  Hand Eczema |  Oral Challenge


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