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Orthodontic adhesives: a systematic review


OBJECTIVES: To evaluate which orthodontic adhesives (a). bond orthodontic brackets to teeth more reliably and (b). are more effective at preventing decalcification.

DATA SOURCES: The search strategy for the literature review was carried out according to the standard Cochrane systematic review methodology. The Cochrane Clinical Trials Register and the Cochrane Oral Health Group Specialized Register were searched for randomized clinical trials and controlled clinical trials. All volumes that had not already been assessed by the Oral Health Group in the European Journal of Orthodontics, American Journal of Orthodontics, Journals of Orthodontics, and Angle Orthodontist were hand-searched. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied when considering the studies to be included in this review.

DATA SELECTION: The primary outcome measure was the failure of the orthodontic adhesive. A secondary outcome of decalcification occurring around the orthodontic bracket was also recorded, if data were available.

DATA EXTRACTION: Two randomized clinical trials and one controlled clinical trial were identified that fulfilled all the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The trials compared: (a). light- and chemically-cured composite; (b). chemically-cured composite and conventional glass ionomer cement; and (c). chemically-cured composite and light-cured compomer.

DATA SYNTHESIS: Each paper was quality assessed by two people independently. A qualitative analysis of the trials in the review is presented. The data presentation, for the majority of the trials, precluded the use of suggested Cochrane Health Group statistical analysis.

CONCLUSIONS: It is difficult to draw any conclusions from this review; however, suggestions are made for methods of improving future research involving orthodontic adhesives.

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