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Osteocondritis Diseca: Top KOLs in the world

Brian J Cole #1
Brian J Cole
Division of Sports Medicine, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, R
Known for Rotator Cuff |  Articular Cartilage |  Acl Reconstruction |  Cruciate Ligament |  Biceps Tenodesis
Michael Amling #2
Michael Amling
Department of Osteology and Biomechanics, University Medical
Known for Femoral Neck |  Chondromyxoid Fibroma |  Histomorphometric Analysis |  Fracture Healing |  Bone Formation

Mitsuo Mitsuo #3
Mitsuo Mitsuo
President of Hiroshima University, Japan | Department of Ort
Known for Cruciate Ligament |  Articular Cartilage |  Spinal Cord |  Acl Reconstruction |  Femoral Head
Maurilio Marcacci #4
Maurilio Marcacci
IRCCS Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan, Italy | Humanitas
Known for Anterior Cruciate |  Bone Regeneration |  Knee Joint |  Cartilage Lesions |  Acl Reconstruction
 Gregory D Myer #5
Gregory D Myer
Department of Orthopaedics, Emory University School of Medic
Known for Anterior Cruciate |  Neuromuscular Training |  Athletic Injuries |  Female Athletes |  Acl Injury
Ricardo S Pietrobon #6
Ricardo S Pietrobon
Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Maryland Sch
Known for Hospital Volume |  Scientific Writing |  Femoral Head |  Ankle Fracture |  United States
Elizaveta Kon #7
Elizaveta Kon
Humanitas University, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Via
Known for Knee Osteoarthritis |  Rich Plasma |  Cartilage Lesions |  Osteochondral Regeneration |  Bone Marrow
Sally Roberts #8
Sally Roberts
Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Shropshire
Known for Synovial Fluid |  Matrix Metalloproteinases |  Articular Cartilage |  Intervertebral Disc |  Repair Tissue
Giuseppe Filardo #9
Giuseppe Filardo
Facoltà Di Scienze Biomediche, Università della Svizzera Ita
Known for Cartilage Lesions |  Rich Plasma |  Osteochondritis Dissecans |  Patellar Tendinopathy |  Knee Osteoarthritis
Chad E Cook #10
Chad E Cook
Department of Population Health Sciences, Duke University, D
Known for United States |  Neck Pain |  Clinical Tests |  Physical Therapists |  Manual Therapy