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Patients with recurrent otitis media without persistent middle ear effusion were studied for antibiotic prophylaxis efficacy. In the first phase, erythromycin ethylsuccinate was used as prophylaxis for otitis media in 45 patients in a dose of 10 mg/kg twice daily. Acute otitis media occurred in eight of 45 (18%) while receiving erythromycin, and in 22 of 41 (54%) following prophylaxis termination. The attack rate (episodes of otitis media per 2-month period) was 0.86 before prophylaxis, ...

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Impedance tympanometry was performed on children with acute otitis media. Most acute tympanograms were classified as either type B (no peak pressure) or positive-pressure tympanograms. A striking difference in outcome was noted between these two groups: the patients with positive-pressure tympanograms were more likely to have normal results with examination at the two-week follow-up than were those with type B tympanograms. There was no difference in outcome between ...

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An adolescent military dependent population, 86% of whom had documented history of rubella immunization, was screened by two commercially available rubella hemagglutination inhibition tests. All those who were R-HAI antibody negative were immunized, and postvaccination sera were examined for the development of rubella-specific antibody (R-IgM). R-IgM was not found in any of the previously immunized subjects despite the lack of R-HAI antibody. R-IgM was detected in two seronegative ...

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Two to five million children, 6 through 13 years old, are unsupervised at home after school. This practice, called "latchkey," involves issues of children without adult supervision for periods of time and questions of safety and social isolation. There are no published age guidelines for "latchkey" or data on actual practice. To investigate age guideline opinions and the factors that influence them, a survey of pediatricians (the professional voice), military police (the legal voice), ...

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In the spring of 1986, there was a measles outbreak in the city of El Paso, Texas, with 92 cases reported to the City-County Health Department. Of those 92 cases, 31 (32%) occurred within a public high school's student population of 2524. A mass measles vaccination program was undertaken at that high school in order to limit the outbreak. The student enrollment included a military dependent population of 368 students. Despite documented histories of prior measles immunizations in this ...

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