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KOL Index score: 18169

Genetic parameters for length of productive life given the opportunity (LPL/O), measured as days between first calving and disposal conditioned on one of six opportunity groups, L1 through L6 (e.g., L2 is length of productive life in days given the opportunity to live 2 yr after first calving), and lifetime production (LP), measured as the number of calves born (NB), number of calves weaned (NW), and cumulative weaning weight (CW) by 6 yr after first calving, were estimated using records ...

Known for Productive Life |  Genetic Parameters |  Nw Cw |  Hereford Cows |  Estimates Heritability
KOL Index score: 11254

Genetic parameters for stayability to six ages (ST1, . . ., ST6), for five measures of stayability to calving (SC2, . . ., SC6), and for five measures of stayability to weaning (SW2, . . ., SW6), were estimated using records of 2,019 Hereford cows collected from 1964 to 1979 from a selection experiment with a control line and three lines selected for weaning weight, yearling weight, and an index of yearling weight and muscle score. The model included birth year of the cow as a fixed ...

Known for Genetic Parameters |  Estimates Heritability |  Birth Year |  Measures Stayability |  Linear Model


KEITH E Gregory: Influence Statistics

Sample of concepts for which KEITH E Gregory is among the top experts in the world.
Concept World rank
heterosis milk #1
kenya latitude #1
traits gestation #1
sexes heterosis #1
02 unilateral #1
weights 24 #1
cattle preweaning #1
ayrshire sahiwal #1
crosses jersey #1
jersey cross #1
rp1 2 #1
sahiwal67 ayrshire level #1
south devon sires #1
maternal heterosis effects #1
maternal heterosis #1
lactation characters #1
day hereford #1
dystocia twinning #1
privately owned ranch #1
ayrshire sahiwal×ayrshire #1
p05 hereford #1
effects scrotal #1
bw unilateral #1
kenya ayrshire #1
calf weight year #1
data breeding groups #1
sires birth #1
straightbred #1
adjusted 200 #1
efficiency angus #1
dam sex #1
skeletal phenotype statistics #1
heifers simmental #1
shorthorn cattle #1
fetal triplet births #1
cow productivity #1
increased calf production #1
composite population #1
50kg 90kg #1
boran calf weight #1
cows project #1
angus boran #1
calf bw birth #1
calves dystocia #1
weaning gestation #1
calf survival advantage #1
selectively genotyped daughters #1

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beef cattle dairy cows methane emissions
Stephen Stewart Moore
beef cattle feed intake bovine chromosome
Peter J Van Soest
dietary fiber ragusano cheese cell wall
Erasmus Kojo Okine
beef cattle barley silage methane production
John A Basarab
beef cattle feed intake adipose tissue

KEITH E Gregory:Expert Impact

Concepts for whichKEITH E Gregoryhas direct influence:Beef cattle,  Ovulation rate,  Carcass traits,  Breed effects,  Heterosis effects,  Birth weight,  Postweaning growth,  Twinning rate.

KEITH E Gregory:KOL impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which KEITH E Gregory has influence:Feed efficiency,  Beef cattle,  Genetic parameters,  Carcass traits,  Birth weight,  Meat quality,  Reproductive performance.



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