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Oxygen Hypoxia

Gregg L Semenza #1
Gregg L Semenza
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins,
Known for Breast Cancer | Gene Expression | Intermittent Hypoxia | Oxygen Homeostasis
Marie Celeste Simon #2
Marie Celeste Simon
Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, Perelman School o
Known for Inducible Factor | Stem Cells | Tumor Growth | Cell Hypoxia

Peter John Ratcliffe #3
Peter John Ratcliffe
Francis Crick Institute, NW1 1AT, London, UK | Ludwig Instit
Known for Inducible Factor | Gene Expression | Oxygen Sensing | Prolyl Hydroxylation
Adrian HL Harris #4
Adrian HL Harris
Molecular Oncology Laboratories, Weatherall Institute of Mol
Known for Growth Factor | Thymidine Phosphorylase | Tumor Angiogenesis | Vascular Endothelial
 Christopher W Pugh #5
Christopher W Pugh
Nuffield Department of Medicine Research Building, Universit
Known for Gene Expression | Prolyl Hydroxylation | Cerebral Ischemia | Hif Pathway
Amato J Giaccia #6
Amato J Giaccia
University of Oxford, Department of Oncology, Oxford, United
Known for Tumor Hypoxia | Gene Expression | Inducible Factor | Hypoxic Conditions
Randall Scott Johnson #7
Randall Scott Johnson
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institu
Known for Inducible Factor | Skeletal Muscle | Myeloid Cells | Hypoxic Response
Patrick Henry Maxwell #8
Patrick Henry Maxwell
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, University of Camb
Known for Inducible Factor | Gene Expression | Mother Cells | Tumor Suppressor
William G Kaelin Jr #9
William G Kaelin Jr
HHMI, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 | Department of Medical Oncology
Known for Kidney Cancer | Tumor Suppressor | Retinoblastoma Protein | Cell Cycle
Christophere J Christopher #10
Christophere J Christopher
Department of Chemistry and the Ineos Oxford Institute for A
Known for Inducible Factor | Active Site | Clavulanic Acid | Crystal Structure