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Palmoplantar Pustulosis: Top KOLs in the world

Eva Hagforsen #1
Eva Hagforsen
Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University, 751 85,
Known for Psoriasis Patients |  Nerve Fibres |  Palmoplantar Pustulosis |  Mast Cells |  Duodenal Mucosa
Gerd Michaëlsson #2
Gerd Michaëlsson
Departments of Medical Sciences | Department of Medical Scie
Known for Mast Cells |  Patients Psoriasis |  Duodenal Mucosa |  Alopecia Totalis |  Palmoplantar Pustulosis

Christopher Ernest Maitland Griffiths #3
Christopher Ernest Maitland Griffiths
Dermatology Centre, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, NIHR
Known for Retinoic Acid |  Human Skin |  Psoriatic Arthritis |  Biologic Therapies |  Patients Psoriasis
Arthur David Burden #4
Arthur David Burden
Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, Universit
Known for Pustular Psoriasis |  Biologic Therapies |  British Association |  Palmoplantar Pustulosis |  Psoriatic Arthritis
Masamoto Murakami #5
Masamoto Murakami
Department of Dermatology, Ehime University Graduate School
Known for Atopic Dermatitis |  Antimicrobial Peptides |  Epidermal Keratinocytes |  Stratum Corneum |  Palmoplantar Pustulosis
Jonathan N W N Barker #6
Jonathan N W N Barker
NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS
Known for Atopic Dermatitis |  Langerhans Cells |  Vaccine Hesitancy |  Patients Psoriasis |  Psoriatic Arthritis
Hajime Iizuka #7
Hajime Iizuka
Research Institute of Psoriasis, Sapporo, Japan | Medical Co
Known for Adenylate Cyclase |  Cyclic Gmp |  Pig Epidermis |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Uvb Irradiation
Ulrich Mrowietz #8
Ulrich Mrowietz
Psoriasis‐Center Kiel, Department of Dermatology, University
Known for Patients Psoriasis |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Fumaric Acid Esters |  Treatment Goals |  Psoriatic Arthritis
Akemi Ishida‐Yamamoto #9
Akemi Ishida‐Yamamoto
Department of Dermatology, Asahikawa Medical University, Asa
Known for Stratum Corneum |  Electron Microscopy |  Uvb Irradiation |  Loricrin Keratoderma |  Atopic Dermatitis
Richard C Trembath #10
Richard C Trembath
School of Basic and Medical Biosciences, Faculty of Life Sci
Known for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Psoriasis Susceptibility |  Pds Gene |  Pendred Syndrome


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Palmoplantar Pustulosis Palmoplantar pustulosis is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by the development of small, pus-filled blisters on the palms of the...

Palmoplantar Psoriasis Palmoplantar psoriasis is a form of psoriasis that affects the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. It can cause the skin to become thick, scaly,...