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Diagnosing and treating pancoast tumors


INTRODUCTION: According to the American College of Chest Physician definition, a Pancoast tumor is a tumor which invades any of the structures of the apex of the chest including the first thoracic ribs or periosteum, the lower nerve roots of the bronchial plexus, the sympathetic chain and stellate gaglion near the apex of the chest or the subclavian vessels. Pancoast tumors account for less than 3-5 % of lung tumors. Areas covered: We searched the libraries scopus and pub med and found 124 related manuscripts. From those we chose 18 to include in our short commentary based on the most up-date information included. Expert commentary: The present status of the recommended treatment of Pancoast tumors for patients medically fit for surgical resection is trimodality (chemoradiation followed by radical surgery excersion) as state of the art. Patients with unresectable Pancoast tumors and poor PS 4 or distant metastasis are candidate for radiation therapy for palliation of symptoms and best supportive care. In this mini review we will present up to date information regarding diagnosis and treatment management.

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