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Treatment of Pancoast Tumors


Eighteen patients underwent combined preoperative irradiation and radical resection for a Pancoast tumor at the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Chest Disease Research Institute, Kyoto University between 1977 and 1993. Four patients were applied a full radiation dose of 50-70 Gy and fourteen patients were applied a reduced dose of 33-40 Gy preoperatively. Eleven of these fourteen were applied a supplemental dose postoperatively up to a total dose of at least 50 Gy. Fourteen lobectomies, three partial resections, and one pneumonectomy were performed with combined resection of chest wall or adjacent structures: rib in 14, vertebra in 4, brachiocephalic vein in 3, subclavian artery in 2, spinal nerve in 3, sympathetic truncus in 2, phrenic nerve in 2 cases. Chest walls were reconstructed with marlex mesh in 5 patients, and two subclavian arteries and one brachiocephalic vein were repaired with artificial grafts. In 13 patients complete resections were achieved, but in the other 5 only incomplete resections leaving residual tumor were achieved. Incomplete resections consisted of 4 positive stumps at the brachial plexus of the apex and one aortic involvement by a metastatic lymph node. There was one operative death. Median survival was 21.6 months and the 5-year-survival rate was 38.5% for all 18 patients. In the complete resection group 5-year-survival was 56.4%, but in the incomplete-resection group 0%, showing a significantly more favorable result for the complete resection group. It is considered that evidence of incomplete resection influences the prognosis and that particularly tumor invasion to the brachial plexus may serve as a limiting factor for surgery.

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