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Concepts for which Augustus E Anderson has direct influence:

panlobular emphysema
nonrespiratory bronchioles
parenchymal spaces
bronchogenic carcinoma
cigarette smoke
connective tissue
smoking habits

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which Augustus E Anderson has influence:

bronchial atrophy
panlobular emphysema
chronic bronchitis
cigarette smokers
air trapping
bronchopulmonary derangements
196 lungs

Prominent publications by Augustus E. Anderson

KOL-Index: 16
KOL-Index: 11 Bronchi were assessed morphometrically for various components of the bronchial wall believed to play in maintaining normal air flow. Areas of the entire bronchial wall, the bronchial glands, and the bronchial cartilages were determined planimetrically in three groups of subjects: (1) elderly emphysematous individuals; (2) age-matched normal controls; and (3) young normal subjects. There were ...
Known for
Glands Bronchial | 2 Age-Matched Normal | 1 Elderly Emphysematous | Areas Entire
KOL-Index: 9 Twenty-one cases of centrilobular emphysema and nineteen cases of panlobular emphysema, all previously reported for morphological characteristics, were analyzed for the comparative incidence of bronchogenic carcinoma. Seven of the patients with centrilobular disease also had lung cancer, whereas, none of the patients with panlobular emphysema was so affected. These differences were ...
Known for
Closer Tie | Centrilobular Panlobular | Bronchogenic | Separate Effects
KOL-Index: 8 Histological measurements in cases of severe paniobular and centrilobular emphysema and in normal lungs disclosed a generalized thickening of the walls of small airways in the panlobular group. With mathematical models, this was depicted as a potential basis for airway closure at higher than normal lung volumes and trapping of air. Lungs with mixtures of panlobular and centrilobular ...
Known for
Severe Paniobular Centrilobular Emphysema | Airways Panlobular | Normal Lung Volumes
KOL-Index: 8 As a part of a continuing program of study of the morphology of lungs from emphysematous and aging subjects, tissue samples containing the “smallest” non-respiratory bronchiole from twelve emphysematous patients and twelve normal subjects were subjected to planimetry. The mean cross sectional area of various structures in the two groups were statistically compared.The most striking aspect of ...
Known for
Spaces Lungs | Emphysema Bronchiolar | Stenosis Bronchioles | Number Normal
KOL-Index: 8 The plugging of nonrespiratory bronchioles by mucus and cellular debris was found to be approximately twice as common in emphysematous as in normal lungs. This plugging is presumed to be a significant source of reversible obstruction in emphysema.
Known for
Cellular Debris | Reversible Obstruction | Normal Lungs | Plugging Nonrespiratory
KOL-Index: 8 In an endeavour to elucidate the anatomical basis for the increased resistance to airflow which characterises the most peripheral conducting air passages in pulmonary emphysema, lumina of nonrespiratory bronchioles of lungs with mainly centrilobular disease were assessed for two- and three-dimensional features by: (1) determination of percentage conformity of the lumina of individual ...
Known for
Bronchiolar | Endeavour | Two- Three-Dimensional Features | Diameter Area Determinations
KOL-Index: 8
Known for
Observed Theoretical Aspects
KOL-Index: 7 Anderson, A. E., and Foraker, A. G. (1973).Thorax, 28, 547-550. Centrilobular emphysema and panlobular emphysema: two different diseases. Twenty-one cases of centrilobular emphysema and 19 cases of panlobular emphysema, previously so designated according to recommended criteria, were reassessed for differences in zonal distribution within lungs through systematic sampling and statistical ...
Known for
Mild Preferential Involvement | Distinct Entities | Upper Lobe | Statistical Comparisons

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