Direct Impact

Concepts for which Tejs Ehlers Klug has direct influence:

para- retropharyngeal
acute tonsillitis
antibody necrophorum
peritonsillar abscess
peritonsillær phlegmone
infectious mononucleosis
microbiology severe

Prominent publications by Tejs Ehlers Klug

KOL-Index: 2 Prospective, observational study of the microbiology of patients referred to a tertiary care center with severe acute tonsillitis, peritonsillar cellulitis, or infectious mononucleosis. Detailed Description Patients referred to tertiary care centers with acute throat infections are most often treated with antibiotics. However, very little is know concerning the prevalent pathogens in ...
Known for
Fusobacterium Necrophorum | Throat Infections | Center Severe | Prospective Observational
KOL-Index: 2 The aims of the study are:Explore the bacteriology of para- and retropharyngeal abscess.Validate the bacterial findings by exploring antibody development against F. necrophorum, F. nucleatum and S. pyogenes.Compare bacteriologic findings in concomitant peritonsillar and parapharyngeal abscesses.Characterize patients with para- and retropharyngeal abscess.Compare the concentration of amylase ...
Known for
Amylase Concentrations | Pus Aspirates | Higher Anti | Compared Para-

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