• Parp Inhibitors
  • Parp Inhibitors

    Parp Inhibitors: Top KOLs in the world

    Alan A Ashworth #1
    Alan A Ashworth
    Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer, University of Cali
    Known for Parp Inhibitors | Dna Repair | Gene Expression | Situ Hybridization | Breast Cancer
    Christopher J Lord #2
    Christopher J Lord
    Gene Function and Breast Cancer Research, ICR - Institute of
    Known for Dna Repair | Synthetic Lethality | Homologous Recombination | Parp Inhibitors | Breast Cancer

    Johann Sebastian de de Bono #3
    Johann Sebastian de de Bono
    Drug Development Unit, ICR - Institute of Cancer Research, L
    Known for Abiraterone Acetate | Advanced Solid Tumors | Metastatic Castration | Androgen Receptor | Prostate Cancer
    Nicola Jane Curtin #4
    Nicola Jane Curtin
    Newcastle University Centre for Cancer, Faculty of Medical S
    Known for Dna Repair | Cell Lines | Ovarian Cancer | Protein Kinase | Parp Inhibitors
    Andrew N J Tutt #5
    Andrew N J Tutt
    Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre, The Institute
    Known for Estrogen Receptors | Dna Repair | United Kingdom | Parp Inhibitors | Breast Cancer
    Mark James O'Connor #6
    Mark James O'Connor
    Bioscience, Oncology R&D, AstraZeneca (United Kingdom). | Ea
    Known for Dna Damage | Homologous Recombination | Cancer Cells | Atm Kinase | Parp Inhibitor
    Michael Leonard Friedlander #7
    Michael Leonard Friedlander
    Department of Medical Oncology, Prince of Wales Hospital and
    Known for Maintenance Olaparib | Brca1 Genes | Advisory Consultancy | Brca Mutation | Ovarian Cancer
    Thomas Helleday #8
    Thomas Helleday
    Sheffield Cancer Centre, Department of Oncology and Metaboli
    Known for Mammalian Cells | Replication Forks | Prostate Cancer | Homologous Recombination | Dna Repair
    Niall M B Martin #9
    Niall M B Martin
    Artios Pharma, The Glenn Berge Building, Babraham Research C
    Known for Dna Repair | Parp Inhibitor | Protein Kinase | Synthetic Lethality
    James Carmichael #10
    James Carmichael
    AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, UK | AstraZeneca, Alderley Park,
    Known for Breast Cancer | Cell Lines | Brca2 Mutations | Parp Inhibitor | Brca1 Genes

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