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      Disparities in Penile Cancer


      BACKGROUND: Although penile cancer is a rare malignancy in developed nations, racial and socioeconomic differences exist in the incidence of the disease and its associated survival-related outcomes.

      METHODS: A search of the literature was performed for research published between the years 1990 and 2015. Case reports and non-English-language articles were excluded, instead focusing specifically on large, population-based studies.

      RESULTS: The incidence of penile cancer is higher in Hispanic and African American men compared with whites and Asians. Men with penile cancer also appear to have a distinct epidemiological profile, including lower educational and income levels, a history of multiple sexual partners and sexually transmitted infections, and lack of circumcision with the presence of phimosis. African American men presented at a younger age with a higher stage of disease and worse survival rates when compared with white men. Rates of cancer-specific mortality increased with age, single marital status, and among those living in regions of lower socioeconomic status.

      CONCLUSIONS: An understanding of sociodemographical differences in the incidence and survival rates of patients with penile cancer can help advance health care policy changes designed to improve access and minimize disparities in cancer care for all men alike.

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