Victor F. Trautmann

Victor F. Trautmann

From The Division Of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery And The Department Of Family Practice, Southern Illinois University School Of Medicine, And Springfield Clinic, Springfield, Il

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Concepts for which Victor F Trautmann has direct influence:

penile melanoma
linear chain manganese salts
energy transfer
conservative excision
emission spectra
csmni3 crystals
inguinal node dissection

Prominent publications by Victor F. Trautmann

KOL-Index: 6 Penile melanoma is a rare disease, especially in younger men. Most authorities advocate aggressive surgical management by partial or radical phallectomy and in some cases inguinal lymph node dissection. A 27-year old man with a clinical stage I, Clark's level II, microinvasive (less than 0.76 mm) superficial spreading penile melanoma underwent conservative resection and skin grafting without ...
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Stage Microinvasive | Excision Penile
KOL-Index: 5 The luminescence spectra of CsMnBr3, RbMnBr3 and CsMnI3 crystals doped with Er3+ have been investigated in the 10–300 K temperature range. These linear chain manganese salts behave as “pseudo” one-dimensional antiferromagnets. The temperature dependence of luminescence from the doped materials indicates a rapid thermally activated transfer of excitation energy from the Mn2+ ions of the bulk ...
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Cm−1 Rbmnbr3 | Crystals Er3 | One-Dimensional Antiferromagnets | Thermally Activated Transfer

From the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the Department of Family Practice, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and Springfield Clinic, Springfield, IL

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