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Perceived Stress

Sheldon A Cohen #1
Sheldon A Cohen
Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University | Carne
Known for Psychological Stress | Socioeconomic Status | Antibody Response | Social Support
Robin J Mermelstein #2
Robin J Mermelstein
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center | Rush-Presbyter
Known for Tolerance Questionnaire | Semantic Congruity | Social Support | Smoking Cessation

Tom Kamarck #3
Tom Kamarck
University of Oregon | University of Oregon, USA
Known for Functional Components | Global Measure | Social Support | Smoking Cessation
Bruce S McEwen #4
Bruce S McEwen
The Rockefeller University | Harold and Margaret Milliken Ha
Known for Allostatic Load | Chronic Stress | Dentate Gyrus | Rat Brain
and Andrew Steptoe #5
and Andrew Steptoe
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Faculty of Pop
Known for Depressive Symptoms | Physical Activity | Social Isolation | English Longitudinal Study
Ronald C Kessler #6
Ronald C Kessler
Division of Depression and Anxiety Disorders (Lebois, Harnet
Known for Major Depression | National Comorbidity Survey | Childhood Adversities | Mental Disorders
Susan Folkman #7
Susan Folkman
Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Ca
Known for Social Support | House Officers | Depressive Mood | San Francisco
Clemens Kirschbaum #8
Clemens Kirschbaum
Department of Psychology, Dresden University of Technology,
Known for Hair Cortisol | Psychosocial Stress | Social Support | Humans Hydrocortisone
Denise Janicki‐Deverts #9
Denise Janicki‐Deverts
Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsb
Known for Socioeconomic Status | Depressive Symptoms | Childhood Abuse | Healthy Adults
George Panagiotis Chrousos #10
George Panagiotis Chrousos
University Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health a
Known for Glucocorticoid Receptor | Releasing Hormone | Insulin Resistance | Cushing Syndrome

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