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    RationaleN-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonists (e.g., PCP, ketamine) have been shown to impair learning/memory. Well documented in animal models, only limited research in humans has been reported. Findings to date are similar to results of animal studies; however, antagonists are typically administered before the learning experience. This may be problematic as memory failure could be secondary to inattention induced by the psychotomimetic effects of these drugs and/or ...

    で知られている Mental Status |  delayed recall |  effects ketamine |  methyl aspartate |  nmda receptor
    KOL Index score: 1189

    Efforts to identify men who batter women in clinical settings have increased in recent years, but batterer research in United States federal prisons is lacking; low security federal prisons are logical places to consider batterer screening and treatment given the number of men, the domestic violence "risk markers" associated with these men and the likelihood they will be released and return to female partners. This study examined intake assessment data for 115 low security federal ...

    で知られている Risk Markers |  physical violence |  female partners |  states federal |  findings batterer
    KOL Index score: 444

    Three experiments explored the effects of preexisting attitudes on memory for texts using Kintsch's (1988) Construction Integration model as a framework for the investigation. Attitude instances were presented in the microstructure of texts to separate attitude and topic effects, making a stringent test of attitude effects. Preexisting attitudes were shown to interact with attitude texts over delay although not in a direct or expected fashion. These results emphasize the need to ...

    のための重要な人々 Performance Anxiety

    Dianna Theadora Kenny
    cystic fibrosis young offenders music performance anxiety
    and Andrew Steptoe
    depressive symptoms physical activity social isolation
    Margaret S Osborne
    performance anxiety emotion goals artistic development
    Helen Fidler
    performance anxiety illness perceptions stage fright
    Pamela J Davis
    speech intensity fundamental frequency lung volumes
    Justin A Kenardy
    whiplash injury panic attacks traumatic stress

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    その概念Donald U Robertson直接的な影響があります:Performance anxiety,  Risk markers,  Anxiety performance,  Effects ketamine,  Memory mental,  Ketamine male,  Method excitatory.

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    他の著者の仕事に関連する概念for which Donald U Robertson 影響力があります:Intimate partner violence,  Risk markers,  Memory consolidation,  Heavy metal drumming,  Abuse orders,  Ipv perpetration,  Text cohesion.



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