• Performance Anxiety
  • Performance Anxiety

    Performance Anxiety: Top KOLs in the world

    Dianna Theadora Kenny #1
    Dianna Theadora Kenny
    Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine, Twin Falls, ID U
    Known for Community Orders | Vibrato Rate | Cystic Fibrosis | Young Offenders | Music Performance Anxiety
    and Andrew Steptoe #2
    and Andrew Steptoe
    Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Faculty of Pop
    Known for Depressive Symptoms | Physical Activity | Social Isolation | English Longitudinal Study | Blood Pressure

    Margaret S Osborne #3
    Margaret S Osborne
    Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne,
    Known for Emotion Goals | Artistic Development | Young Musicians | Exploratory Study | Performance Anxiety
    Helen Fidler #4
    Helen Fidler
    BMA, London, UK. | The Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust, UK | Uni
    Known for Orchestral Musicians | Moral Distress | Performance Anxiety | Illness Perceptions | Stage Fright
    Pamela J Davis #5
    Pamela J Davis
    Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia | National Voice
    Known for Speech Intensity | Fundamental Frequency | Lung Volumes | Trait Anxiety | Occupational Stress
    Justin A Kenardy #6
    Justin A Kenardy
    The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia | Depart
    Known for Panic Attacks | Traumatic Stress | 6 Months | Anxiety Disorders | Whiplash Injury
    Wendy J Cox #7
    Wendy J Cox
    Department of Psychology, The University of Newcastle, Austr
    Known for Implications Future | Critical Factor | 32 Music Students | Social Phobia | Performance Anxiety
    Jenni Oates #8
    Jenni Oates
    School of Human Communication Sciences, La Trobe University,
    Known for Chorus Artists | Trait Anxiety | Occupational Stress | Communicative Satisfaction | Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia
    Richard G Heimberg #9
    Richard G Heimberg
    Department of Psychology, Temple University, Philadelphia, P
    Known for Emotion Regulation | Cognitive Behavioral | Negative Evaluation | Assertive Behavior | Social Anxiety
    Russell Jr Noyes #10
    Russell Jr Noyes
    Known for Anxiety Neurosis | Hypochondriacal Concerns | Social Phobia | Unexplained Symptoms | Panic Disorder

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