William J. Hartley

William J. Hartley

Department Of Veterinary Medicine, University Of Sydney, Camden, New South Wales, 2570 Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield, New South Wales, 2617 Csiro Division Of Animal ...

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Concepts for which William J Hartley has direct influence:

perinatal lamb
south wales
akabane virus
attempted transmission
brucella ovis
congenital infections
ovine foetuses

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corriedale flock
dairy herds
streptococcal endocarditis
infectious abortion
south wales
ewe lamb
moss vale district

Prominent publications by William J. Hartley

KOL-Index: 9 In a systematic necropsy study of 4408 newly born dead lambs derived from 79 flocks over two lambing seasons malformation considered sufficient to impair viability was observed in 80 carcasses. Agnathia was observed in 25 carcasses and comprised the major component of congenital lethal malformations. Lambs of both sexes were affected. Its occurrence was often associated with anotia, ear ...
Known for
Ventricular Septal Defects | 79 Flocks | Congenital Lethal Malformations | 80 Carcasses
KOL-Index: 8
Known for
Congenital Infections

Brucella Ovis Infection

KOL-Index: 7
KOL-Index: 6 SUMMARY The 1974 epizootic of congenital bovine arthrogryposis/hydranencephaly syndrome in south-eastern New South Wales afforded the opportunity to study the pathology, serology and virology of field cases from the outbreak. For ease of description, the lesions observed were grouped into 5 stages which possibly approximate to the gestational age of the foetus at the time of initial insult ...
Known for
Incoordinate Microscopic Examination | Foetus | Observed Calves | 5 Stages

Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sydney, Camden, New South Wales, 2570 Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield, New South Wales, 2617 CSIRO Division of Animal Health, Animal Health Research Laboratory, Private Bag No. 1, P.O., Parkvill

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