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    Peripheral Neuropathy: Top KOLs in the world

    Andrew J M Boulton #1
    Andrew J M Boulton
    Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami, Miami, FL
    Known for Diabetes Mellitus | Corneal Confocal Microscopy | Peripheral Neuropathy | Type 1 | Diabetic Foot
    Eva L Feldman #2
    Eva L Feldman
    Department of Neurology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
    Known for Growth Factor | Type 2 Diabetes | Oxidative Stress | Diabetic Neuropathy | Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Guido Cavaletti #3
    Guido Cavaletti
    Experimental Neurology Unit, School of Medicine and Surgery,
    Known for Spinal Cord | Neuroactive Steroids | Sciatic Nerve | Antineoplastic Agents | Peripheral Neurotoxicity
    Rayaz Ahmed Malik #4
    Rayaz Ahmed Malik
    Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, Research Division, Qatar Found
    Known for Bariatric Surgery | Type 2 Diabetes | Nerve Fiber | Corneal Confocal Microscopy | Diabetic Neuropathy
    P James Bonham Dyck #5
    P James Bonham Dyck
    Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota |
    Known for Diabetic Polyneuropathy | Radiculoplexus Neuropathy | Segmental Demyelination | Plasma Exchange | Nerve Conduction
    David Reid Cornblath #6
    David Reid Cornblath
    Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of
    Known for Barré Syndrome | Multifocal Motor | Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis | Skin Biopsy | Chronic Inflammatory
    Solomon Hailemariam Tesfaye #7
    Solomon Hailemariam Tesfaye
    Academic Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Sheffield
    Known for Neuropathic Pain | Glycaemic Control | Coeliac Disease | Diabetic Neuropathy | Type 1 Diabetes
    Roy L Freeman #8
    Roy L Freeman
    Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Cente
    Known for Neuropathic Pain | Autonomic Nervous | Blood Pressure | Heart Rate | Orthostatic Hypotension
    Phillip A Low #9
    Phillip A Low
    Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United
    Known for Multiple Atrophy | Peripheral Nerve | Blood Flow | Orthostatic Hypotension | Autonomic Failure
    Vera Bril #10
    Vera Bril
    Ellen & Martin Prosserman Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases
    Known for Chronic Inflammatory | Type 1 Diabetes | Diabetic Neuropathy | Intravenous Immunoglobulin | Myasthenia Gravis



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