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The reliability of the notion that pedophilia is caused by sexual abuse in childhood was explored by examining retrospective self-reports of 344 males. Included in the study were 77 heterosexual pedophiles, 54 homosexual pedophiles, 51 nonpedophilic sex offenders against children, 36 sex offenders against physically mature females, 75 heterosexual paid volunteers who erotically preferred mature females, and 51 homosexual clients who preferred mature males. For each sex offender the ...

Known for Sexual Abuse |  Childhood Pedophilia |  Sex Offender |  Exploratory Study |  Phallometric Test
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The appropriateness of measuring “femininity” in homosexual males by means of the usual masculinity-femininity tests is questioned. It is felt that what was called by earlier observers “femininity” or “effeminacy” in males was mainly or solely feminine gender identity (F.G.I.), whereas the masculinity-femininity tests currently used in measuring femininity with males embrace a wider area of differences between males and females than that of gender identity proper. An attempt was made to ...

Known for Homosexual Males |  Gender Identity |  Fgi Scores |  Mature Partners |  Sexual Behavior
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The senior author had put forward the hypothesis that voyeurism, exhibitionism, obscene telephone calling, toucheurism-frotteurism, and at least some cases of the preferential rape pattern all distort normal courtship behavior in basically the same manner. An earlier study (Freund et al.,1983) tested part of this hypothesis, namely that voyeurism, exhibitionism, and frotteurism-toucheurism, are closely related. However, the outcome of one of the experiments by which this test was ...

Known for Courtship Disorders |  Voyeurism Exhibitionism |  Tactile Interaction |  Penile Responses |  Suitable Partner
KOL Index score: 5485

The specificity and sensitivity of the phallometric test of an erotic preference for minors was assessed. The specificity was determined to be 96.9% if using a group of sex offenders against female adults and 80.6% if using a group of paid volunteers. Test results of 27 sex offenders against at least 2 female children each and of 22 offenders against at least 2 male minors each (either against children or against pubescents, but not against both), demonstrated sensitivities of 78.2% for ...

Known for Phallometric Test |  Sensitivity Specificity |  Sex Offenders |  Erotic Preference |  Female Children
KOL Index score: 4893

We investigated the sensitivity of our phallometric test for pedophilia (and hebephilia). An initial sample of subjects included 47 men accused of sexual offenses against minors and 26 control subjects-men accused of offenses against adult women (exhibitionism, rape, or sexually sadistic activity). A second sample included 107 offenders against minors and 30 control subjects. In both samples, the offenders against minors were further classified according to the targets of their sexual ...

Known for Phallometric Diagnosis |  Sexual Offenses |  Pedophilia Hebephilia |  Erotic Preference |  Differential Humans
KOL Index score: 4773

In the context of a search for testable etiological theories of pedophilia, the relationship of pedophilia to partner sex preference was investigated. The proportional prevalences of gynephilia and androphilia were compared with the proportional prevalences of sexual offenders victimizing female children and of such offenders against male children. Since pedophilia either does not exist at all in women, or is extremely rare, only men were included in the study. We derived the ...

Known for Female Children |  Heterosexuality Homosexuality |  Sexual Offenders |  Clarke Institute |  Partner Sex
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A revision of the typology of male cross-gender identity was carried out by means of formalized, easily replicable methods. The results suggest (1) that there are two discrete types of cross-gender identity, one heterosexual, the other homosexual; (2) that transvestism, and closely related conditions of cross-gender identity, occur exclusively or almost exclusively in heterosexuals; (3) that of the two types of transsexualism distinguished in this study, type A is, in heterosexuals, very ...

Known for Gender Identity |  Transsexualism Transvestism |  Heterosexual Homosexual |  Psychological Male |  Fetishism Psychiatric
KOL Index score: 4154

Our earlier Feminine Gender Identity Scale for males appeared to measure a strong single factor which was reliable and displayed substantial discriminant validity. However, the number of items was small and there was substantial overlap between items with respect to their meaning. In an attempt to overcome these limitations, in the present study the scale was extended and validated on subject samples corresponding to those on which the earlier scale had been validated. Each item of the ...

Known for Gender Identity |  Questionnaires Transsexualism |  New Scale |  Homosexuality Humans |  Identification Psychological
KOL Index score: 4055

The theory of courtship disorder suggests voyeurism, exhibitionism, frotteurism, and preferential rape (a paraphilic preference for coercive sex) are expressions of a common underlying disturbance. Previous research has demonstrated that voyeurism, exhibitionism, and frotteurism are relatively likely to co-occur; however, their associations with rape are weaker. One explanation is that rapists are more heterogeneous and may not always be motivated by a paraphilic interest in coercive ...

Known for Rape Paraphilic |  Coercive Sex |  Courtship Disorder |  Explanation Rapists

The courtship disorders

KOL Index score: 3915

This study tested parts of the hypothesis that voyeurism, exhibitionism, toucheurism and frotteurism, obscene telephone calling, and at least some cases of the preferential rape pattern are all based on the same disturbance. In Part One, a frequency count of patients referred for one of these activities who subsequently reported having engaged in others of this same class was in accord with the clinical impression that there is a high degree of concomitance among at least some of these ...

Known for Courtship Disorders |  Voyeuristic Situations |  Penile Volume |  Voyeurism Exhibitionism |  Preferential Rape Pattern
KOL Index score: 3719

The connection between the retrospective self-report of sexual abuse in child-hood by an adult person, and (i) erotically preferred age bracket and (ii) type of offense, was investigated in 303 heterosexual males. This group consisted of 83 pedophilic sex offenders against female children, 52 sex offenders against female children who erotically preferred adult women, 34 sex offenders against adult women, and 134 volunteer controls. An earlier exploratory investigation with somewhat ...

Known for Sexual Abuse |  Sex Offender |  Childhood Adult |  Male Pedophilia |  Humans Logistic
KOL Index score: 3557

Because most heterosexual pedophilic offenses are committed by males who in fact erotically prefer adult females, the hypothesis was tested that males with nondeviant erotic preferences are generally prone to react in a sexual way to female children. With nondeviant subjects, penile volume changes (PVCs) were measured to stimulus slides and movie pictures of males and females, varying in age. There were significant differerences in PVCs to each of the female age groups shown, and ...

Known for Female Children |  Social Desirability |  Paraphilic Disorders |  Pedophilia Penis |  Sex Factors
KOL Index score: 3515

Previous investigations have indicated that the ratio of sex offenders against female children vs. offenders against male children is approximately 2:1, while the ratio of gynephiles to androphiles among the general population is approximately 20:1. The present study investigated whether the etiology of preferred partner sex among pedophiles is related to the etiology of preferred partner sex among males preferring adult partners. Using phallometric test sensitivities to calculate the ...

Known for Sex Offenders |  Male Children |  Aged Pedophilia |  Phallometric Test
KOL Index score: 3510

The hypothesis that the preferential rape pattern belongs among the courtship disorders like voyeurism, exhibitionism, and toucheurism was tested. The study consisted of two experiments. The first compared 11 rape-prone males, who were most likely afflicted with the preferential rape pattern, with 11 sexually normal controls on penile response to narratives that depicted scenes in which the individual engaged in behavior typical of voyeurs, exhibitionists, or toucheurs. Narratives ...

Known for Penile Responses |  Preferential Rape |  Voyeurism Exhibitionism |  Paraphilic Disorders |  Sexual Activity
KOL Index score: 3285

It was hypothesized that the population of pedophiles differs from that of males who prefer physically mature partners, in respect of the proportion of bisexual members in each group. Bisexuality was assessed by means of a verbal scale and by recording penile volume changes during the presentation of movie clips of nude males and females. Results supported the hypothesis.An earlier finding of a difference between pedophiles and males who prefer physically mature partners, in respect to ...

Known for Physically Mature Partners |  Gender Identity |  Penile Volume |  Movie Clips |  Sexual Behavior


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gebhards reassessment #1
pretactile #1
prevalences gynephilia #1
emergency measure periods #1
pedophilia heterosexuality #1
patient exhibitionism #1
erection design #1
androphilia proportional prevalences #1
puberty sexual child #1
pedophiles occurrence #1
testable developmental model #1
cyproterone electric #1
nude children curiosity #1
gynephiles #1
nonpreferred age groups #1
erotic impact #1
gynephilia androphilia #1
proportion true pedophiles #1
community pedophilia #1
active devaluation #1
30 homosexual pedophiles #1
childhood nude #1
interaction intercourse #1
proportional prevalences gynephilia #1
brain surgery realm #1
true pedophiles #1
curiosity childhood #1
estrogens exhibitionism #1
gender nonpreferred #1
etiology preferred #1
nonpreferred age #1
pedophiles etiology #1
pretactile interaction #1
female stimuli difference #1
behavioural sexology #1
male children ratio #1
erotically prefer #1
pedophiles persons #1
preferred sex ceases #1
suggests gynephiles #1
erotically preferred #1
pedophilia partner #1
proportion pedophiles #1
androphilia difference #1
homosexual males aversion #1
457 sex offenders #1
prevalences heterosexual #1

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