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Cecilia M Plaza #1
Cecilia M Plaza
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Arlington, VA.
Known for Reflective Portfolios | Progress Examinations | Preparation Strategies | Directed Learning
David Westfall Bates #2
David Westfall Bates
Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care, Brig
Known for Adverse Drug Events | United States | Electronic Health Records | Medication Errors

Melissa S Medina #3
Melissa S Medina
The University of Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma Health Sc
Known for Student Ratings | Teaching Excellence | Cultural Competence | Active Learning
Charles Doug Hepler #4
Charles Doug Hepler
Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, University
Known for Perceived Responsibility | Pharmacist Model | Specialty Practice | Drug Therapy
Jon C Schommer #5
Jon C Schommer
University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 308 Harvard St
Known for Community Pharmacy | Prescription Drug | Medication Experience | Senior Citizens
Claire W Anderson #6
Claire W Anderson
Division of Pharmacy Practice and Policy, School of Pharmacy
Known for Patient Reporting | United Kingdom | Social Media | Supplementary Prescribing
William R Doucette #7
William R Doucette
College of Pharmacy, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242
Known for United States | Pharmacy Services | Blood Pressure | Medication Therapy Management
Ross T Tsuyuki #8
Ross T Tsuyuki
University of Alberta | EPICORE Centre, Departments of Pharm
Known for Blood Pressure | Pharmacy Practice | Cardiovascular Risk | Type 2 Diabetes
Christine M Bond #9
Christine M Bond
Institute of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen
Known for Community Pharmacists | Prescribing Errors | Drug Misusers | Chronic Pain
Victoria F Roche #10
Victoria F Roche
Creighton University Medical Center School of Pharmacy and H
Known for Educational Outcomes | Pharmacy Students | Antimicrobial Activity | Task Force