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Pleurodinia: Top KOLs in the world

Andrew Tym Hattersley #1
Andrew Tym Hattersley
Department of Diabetes Research, University of Exeter, Royal
Known for Birth Weight |  Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor |  Insulin Resistance |  Genetic Testing |  Type 2 Diabetes
Henry A Erlich #2
Henry A Erlich
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Oakland, Cal
Known for Islet Autoimmunity |  Polymerase Chain Reaction |  Oligonucleotide Probes |  Type 1 Diabetes |  Hla Class

Michael N Weedon #3
Michael N Weedon
Genetics of Complex Traits, University of Exeter Medical Sch
Known for Uk Biobank |  Birth Weight |  Common Variants |  Sleep Traits |  Type 2 Diabetes
Sherif R Zaki #4
Sherif R Zaki
From the Bacterial Special Pathogens Branch (J.E.G., W.A.B.,
Known for West Nile |  Zika Virus |  Rocky Mountain |  Disease Control |  United States
Ajay M Shah #5
Ajay M Shah
Cardiology Department, King's College Hospital, SE5 9RS, Lon
Known for Endothelial Cells |  Myocardial Infarction |  Heart Failure |  Nadph Oxidase |  Nitric Oxide
Mikael Knip #6
Mikael Knip
Pediatric Research Center, Children's Hospital, University o
Known for Celiac Disease |  Islet Autoimmunity |  Enterovirus Infections |  Young Children |  Type 1 Diabetes
Marian J Rewers #7
Marian J Rewers
Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, University of Colorado Sc
Known for Islet Autoimmunity |  Celiac Disease |  Insulin Resistance |  Teddy Study |  Type 1 Diabetes
George S Eisenbarth #8
George S Eisenbarth
Division of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, University of
Known for Nod Mice |  Celiac Disease |  Islet Autoimmunity |  Insulin Autoantibodies |  Type 1 Diabetes
Haralampos M Moutsopoulos #9
Haralampos M Moutsopoulos
Department of Pathophysiology, School of Medicine, National
Known for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus |  Sjögrens Syndrome |  Autoimmune Diseases |  Salivary Glands |  Rheumatoid Arthritis
Beverley M Shields #10
Beverley M Shields
Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science, College of Med
Known for Insulin Resistance |  Peptide Creatinine |  Genetic Testing |  Type 2 Diabetes |  Birth Weight